From Child Thief to College Graduate

“If I was not sponsored with Compassion, I would be dead right now,” says Jey Mbiro from Kenya.

The Difference You’ve Made in 2021

This year you’ve helped our church partners feed the hungry, protect the health of the vulnerable, support children’s education, and so much more. Read on to see how your support has made an incredible difference.

7 Printable Positive Affirmations For Kids

Use these stunning positive affirmations for kids to remind children they’re loved and valued by God.

Ethiopia Update

In November 2020, conflict broke out in the Tigray (northern) region of Ethiopia and has since spread to some of the surrounding regions. Here we provide updates on the current impact to Compassion’s programme.

A Parent’s Perspective: 10 Insights into Daily Life in Poverty

Poverty impacts every area of a person’s life, but some aspects are more visible than others. Gain an insight into life in poverty as parents and young people share some of these realities.

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