Running Out of Patience with Corruption

Meet a woman with an extraordinary passion for fighting injustice.

Powering the future in Uganda

In rural Uganda, fewer than 1 in 4 people have access to electricity. But in the Masindi district, this falls to just over 3%. Power the future by helping us install solar panels to benefit 1,325 children.

Little Prayer Warriors: 3 Children and Their Powerful Faith Journeys

Faith can move mountains. Prayer according to God’s will can produce miracles. Let’s meet three Compassion sponsored children and their unwavering faith in our Lord. They’re an encouragement to all of us to never give up hope.

How to Make a Football From Plastic Bags

Looking for ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer? Why not have a go at making your own homemade football …

Room for Hope: 25 Striking Photos of Bedrooms Around the World

An insight into the daily reality for the children and families who we serve.

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