Gifts in Will

Your gift to Compassion will change children's lives.

Let your Compassion live on!

By leaving a gift in your Will to Compassion UK, you can leave a legacy for the future and make a lasting impact.

Your gift will be used in three ways:

  1. If you choose, we can use your gift to support any children you sponsor until they complete their time in the Compassion programme. We’ll even find someone else to write letters and pray for them. Check out our FAQs for how to make this happen.
  2. Any extra money will be used in partnership with local churches across Africa, Asia and Latin America to deliver life-changing programmes that release even more children from poverty in Jesus’ name.
  3. At its heart, your gift will continue to show love and the transforming power of Christ to vulnerable children, families and communities in the countries where Compassion works.

The core principles for Compassion are Christ, Church and Children, what we often call our 3Cs. And you can be confident we’ll use any gift you leave in your Will in accordance with these principles – it’s what we do!

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FAQ's and contact

Gill’s story…

“Gill Langlois was a Compassion volunteer and, for many years, a teacher of young children. Gill and her husband Martyn sponsored a number of children, including Amelie in Burkina Faso. The Compassion project that Amelie attended did not have any classrooms, and Martyn Langlois decided that it would be a fitting legacy to his wife to build classrooms for Amelie and the other children in the project.”

“Since then, a further 2 classrooms have been built at Compassion projects in Burkina Faso, and three classrooms in Northern Thailand.”

Gill Langlois

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Find out more about leaving a legacy to Compassion

If you’re interested in finding out more or to let us know you’ve included a gift to Compassion in your Will, please complete our form and we’ll get in touch.

If you have any questions, please call our Supporter Relations Team on 01932 836490 and ask for Esther Ajisafe, our Legacies Development Officer, or email

Your FAQs answered

If you wish, Compassion can use your gift to support any child or children you sponsor until they complete their time in the Compassion programme. We’ll even find someone else to write letters and pray for them.

To make this happen, please contact us after you’ve set up your Will, and we’ll mark on your supporter record that Compassion UK will continue to support the child you sponsor until they leave the programme. We promise to do this even if the amount Compassion receives in your Will ends up being less than the costs of supporting your sponsored child in the programme over multiple years. And, of course, any extra money will be passed on as a blessing to other children in poverty.

As we’ve carefully stewarded your sponsorship donations over many years, we will also steward your legacy gift. Our administration and fundraising costs are amongst the lowest in the charity sector, ensuring most of your donations reach children who need them.

This is entirely up to you! Of course, you’ll first want to make provision for your family and that should be your priority. But after you’ve taken care of your loved ones, please prayerfully consider leaving a gift to Compassion and, indeed, other causes you are passionate about.

A couple of things that might help your planning: please consider leaving a percentage of your estate, rather than a fixed amount, in your Will. It provides much more flexibility for whatever happens to your financial circumstances in the future, and even small amounts such as 1% or 2% can make an enormous difference. Plus there might be inheritance tax benefits to donating to charity in your Will which you may want to take financial advice about.

We would be delighted to know if you plan to leave us a gift in your will, and we will update your supporter record to reflect this. We’ll also add you to the special communications we have with people who’ve chosen to leave legacy gifts, plus we’ll also make sure you stop getting asked to leave a legacy in the future! 

Of course, we’ll also make sure we know to look after the child you sponsor and support them financially until they depart the programme, and find someone to write to and pray for them.   

Just let know that you’ve left us a legacy and she’ll do the rest.   

Knowing about future legacy pledges is extremely helpful for Compassion to decide how we spend our limited marketing budgets. We might contact you to learn which of our promotions are working so we can steward our advertising budgets more carefully in future and prioritise those activities with the best response rates.   

Please name Compassion UK, rather than any sponsored children by name in your will. You never know what changes might happen to the children you sponsor in the future, and we commit to ensuring your child will be supported throughout the programme using your legacy gift.   

A relatively large amount of money given to a child or young adult living in the poor communities we serve could even be a harmful thing – it can take a lot of time and effort for our staff to make contact with someone who left the programme years earlier, plus a one-off large gift to someone in poverty could put them at risk of attack or exploitation from others in their local area.   

If you have any questions about how to sign up for a gift in will, please contact who will be very happy to help you.  

Our Legacies team ( can answer any questions you have and they’re also the team to tell once you’ve made a legacy pledge in your Will.


Need some extra help? Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on: 01932 836490. Lines are open from 10am-5pm Monday to Friday. Please leave a voicemail if you call outside these hours.

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