Compassion resources


We’ve got some great resources to help you share Compassion with your friends, family and church. If you’re interested in sharing about the work on a regular basis then the Compassion Volunteer Network might be perfect for you.


Share Your Story

Sharing your sponsorship story can change lives. We’ve put together a host of downloadable resources that will help you share your story in your own unique way. If you haven’t already, order your free Share Your Story pack to receive all the below downloadable resources on a USB stick.


The following items (and more) are available to order from us here.

  • Child profiles. Child Profiles contain a photograph and information about specific children who are waiting for sponsorship.
  • A5 Sponsorship Leaflet. These bite-size leaflets provide a brief introduction to the work of Compassion and include a response form for sponsoring a child.
  • Sponsor a Child Information Leaflet. This leaflet gives an overview of the work of Compassion and the impact that projects have on children, their families and the wider community.
  • A3 posters. This A3 poster can be used to advertise the work of Compassion and show your support for the ministry.
  • Compassion Magazine. The latest edition of the Compassion magazine is full of stories, news and information from our projects across the world.
  • Special Delivery Envelope. This special delivery envelope helps to ensure that you return all completed forms in a secure and trackable way.

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