Who We Are

Compassion is a leading Christian children’s charity. At our heart is a relentless passion to act on our compassion and empower every child left vulnerable by poverty. Our approach to fighting poverty is highly focused and personal. Since 1952, we’ve been giving children the opportunity to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings through our one-to-one child sponsorship model.

We’re with you in believing every child matters and deserves to be safe, fed, educated and empowered.

fefe sponsored child

"If there was no church and no Compassion project, I would be abandoned. The project has helped me dream for the future."

-Fefe, sponsored child, Indonesia

Child sponsorship: our approach is a personal one

Working in partnership with local churches in developing countries, we link a child in critical need with a caring sponsor, like you. Each sponsor enables us to provide exceptional care for their sponsored child through every stage of their childhood.


"Poverty spoke to me as a child. It told me I didn't matter and nobody cared to know my name. When I heard a teenager had decided to sponsor me, joy filled our home. I could now go back to school."

-Richmond Wandera, Compassion graduate and Director of Pastors Discipleship Network

You can trust that child sponsorship works

You don't have to take our word for it, independent research shows that our programme is highly effective. Graduates from the Compassion programme are more likely to complete their education, have salaried jobs and be leaders in their communities.


Christ centred

Our love of Jesus is central to everything we do. We're responding to God's call to care for the poor and show love to those in need.

Whilst Christ's love motivates us, we help children and families in poverty from all backgrounds regardless of belief or gender. We share God's love in ways that are culturally relevant and non-coercive.

Child focused

We believe it's an injustice that children are the most vulnerable to the effects of poverty and the least able to change their circumstances. That's why they're the laser focus of our work.

We provide a child with support in every area of their lives, tackling the root causes of poverty that hold them back. We care for children born into desperate situations and equip them with life-saving opportunities.

Church based

We partner with local churches in developing countries to deliver our world-class child development programmes.

Churches understand their communities inside out. This means our incredible partners can go above and beyond to provide tailored support to every child. The beauty of the local church is that it never leaves - the local church is a constant source of stability and support for children and families.


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Make a difference by sponsoring a child in extreme poverty.


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Our Values

69 years of unwavering integrity and depth of professional experience have built a foundation of great credibility for Compassion’s ministry.

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Compassion’s Commitment to Child Protection

We place the love, care and protection of children above all other considerations.

Compassion UK’s History and Heart

On a war-torn Korean street in 1952, God moved Everett Swanson with compassion.

Our Faith

As a Christian charity, we’re responding to God’s call to love our neighbour and look after the poor.

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Does Child Sponsorship Work?

Independent research shows that graduates from the Compassion Sponsorship Programme are more likely to stay in school for longer, have salaried jobs and be leaders in their communities and churches.

My first day as CEO

“Once again, God broke my heart for the mission of this ministry.”

Stewarding Your Money

We’re passionate about managing our finances with excellence. We work hard to ensure donations are used strategically, for the greatest benefit of children in poverty.