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Can I send my sponsored child a birthday gift?

Yes, it’s simple to send your sponsored child a gift …

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Sadly, due to COVID-19, we’re unable to facilitate any form of travel or visits at the moment. You’re welcome to register your interest by emailing toursandvisits@compassionuk.org and we’ll be in

Can I use my own stationery or send my own card?

Yes, but please attach a piece of Compassion stationery …

Does sponsorship increase your understanding of life in a developing country?

Gain insight into what life is like for a child in poverty …

Can I send a physical gift to my sponsored child?

Yes, you can send flat, paper items …

What should I write?

Saying goodbye can be hard but we encourage you to send a brief message rather than nothing.  Whether you’ve written a lot throughout your sponsorship or not, a word of

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