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Can I still donate to Different Path now the appeal has finished?

You are welcome to donate to the Appeal after 24 June 2019, however your gift will not be doubled by the UK government …

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, you can visit your sponsored child. It can be a life-changing experience …

How does Compassion choose which children to register into the programme?

We identify the most vulnerable children …

How does sponsorship help a child’s family or community?

When you sponsor a child, you lift a burden from an entire family. Parents are released from financial pressure as one of their children is guaranteed an education, nutritious meals

How long will my child sponsorship last?

Child sponsorship generally lasts until a child finishes their education …

What are the terms and conditions for text giving for the Different Path Appeal?

To donate to Compassion’s Different Path Appeal by text, you can …
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