How will I know if my sponsored child has been affected by the earthquake?

We are currently undertaking a full assessment of the damage and impact caused by the earthquake, and we are yet to receive information about individual children. There are at least

What can I pray for?

Please pray for:  

Children and family members who have been injured, displaced or whose homes have been destroyed.
Comfort for those across this area of Haiti who have lost loved ones and those who are

What will my donations go towards?

Our immediate priorities are assessing the full extent of the damage and providing food, shelter and medical supplies to those needing immediate help. We have also begun child protection and

Can I send my sponsored child a birthday gift?

Yes, it’s simple to send your sponsored child a gift …

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Sadly, due to COVID-19, we’re unable to facilitate any form of travel or visits at the moment. You’re welcome to register your interest by emailing and we’ll be in

Can I use my own stationery or send my own card?

Yes, but please attach a piece of Compassion stationery …
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