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We publish our Compassion Magazine twice a year. It’s our chance to help you get closer to our work and show you the amazing ways that our sponsors are changing lives, families and communities across the world. We hope you enjoy it.

January Magazine 2020

The January magazine celebrates the incredible difference your support is making. Your faithful prayers, words of encouragement, generous donations and gifts of time have a powerful impact, as together, we work to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

So, as you read, we hope you’ll be inspired by the powerful impact your support is having today, and for generations to come.


June Magazine 2019

In this issue, we’ll transport you to the beautiful West African nation of Togo to share a glimpse of the life-transforming work that is happening across this small, vibrant country.

As we think of the love and dedication of our Togolese church partners – we wish we could take you there in person.


January Magazine 2018

Your January magazine champions the overcomer, the everyday hero who finds the strength and determination when faced with adversity. In this edition, meet courageous children like Chao and Gracia and discover what Compassion-supported children learn at their Compassion projects.


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