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Our volunteering opportunities will empower you to use your unique passion and giftings to change the lives of children living in extreme poverty. Express your interest today and join a community of world-changers.

Charity volunteering opportunities with Compassion

Here are just some of the exciting ways you can get involved in Compassion volunteering.

Prayer Coordinator

Use the power of prayer to impact children's lives. Volunteer by praying for kids around the world and lift up others in the volunteer family as they advocate for children.

Share with friends

Spread the word about how God is empowering children in poverty with your friends and family. Share your heart for fighting injustice in conversations and social media.

Present Compassion

Share your unique sponsorship story with your church, schools, community groups and social gatherings. See the powerful impact of your words as you move others to take action.

Volunteer at Compassion House

If you’re looking for local volunteer work, come and join us at Compassion House. Get involved with welcoming new sponsors, supporting the letter-writing process and more.

Represent Compassion at your church

Become a church volunteer with Compassion and provide vital encouragement to the other sponsors in your congregation. Share the latest news and encourage others to pray.

Volunteer at Compassion events

Serve as part of a high energy cafe team or share your heart for empowering kids on a Compassion stand. Get free entry to leading Christian events

What our volunteers say

More than 2000 people volunteer with Compassion to bring hope to children in extreme need. Once you choose to volunteer, you too can join those who are using their skills to make difference.

I’ve had some of the most fun times volunteering with Compassion and met some of the most amazing people. It’s blessing to me and children in poverty.

From my first day I’ve felt so welcomed by each and every member of the Compassion team. Knowing that everything we do as office volunteers is releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name is humbling and inspiring.

One of my volunteering highlights was when I shared a [child’s] profile … the timing was just perfect and I know that child’s life will be changed. This work is life-changing and it’s so exciting to be part of it.

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