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Yes, your letters will be more treasured and life-affirming than you can possibly imagine.

How to send a letter

The quickest way to write is through your myCompassion account  or via the Compassion UK App.

You can also handwrite your letters using the letter paper included with your child letter. You’ll notice that the letter paper we send you has a barcode on that’s specific to you and your child. If you choose to use your own letter paper, please attach a sheet of the barcoded paper to help us process your letters quickly.

Please send any physical letters to:

Compassion UK, Compassion House, Barley Way, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 2UT

Things to bear in mind

Letters take a while to be translated and hand delivered, so please understand if your sponsored child doesn’t respond to your questions straight away.

Writing is a new skill for many of our children so some letters may be more basic than you would expect from a child of a similar age here. Children will often express themselves through drawings and, if they are really little, their project workers will write on their behalf.

Some projects also use letter writing as an opportunity to help children improve their literacy, so the letters may seem a little formal as a result.

What to write

Take time to introduce yourself and your family. Share information about your hobbies, your church, where you live, your country and where you work or go to school. You may not think your life is all that interesting, but children will be fascinated to hear about where you live and what you get up to.

Take time to encourage your sponsored child too. Admire any pictures they draw and praise them for their letters they send. You can also send encouraging Bible verses and ask them if there’s anything specific you can pray for.

Your child sponsorship will generally last until your sponsored child finishes their education, which is usually between the ages of 18 and 22 depending on the country and personal circumstances. It’s quite common for sponsored children to start school late, have to repeat years or even stay on to do vocational training courses. We want to support them through everything, so they are in the best possible position to support themselves and their families when they grow up. Be inspired by Sameson's story here >

Sometimes children may leave the project before they've finished their education. If there is another Compassion project near their new home, we’ll transfer their sponsorship. If we are unable to find a suitable project, then we’ll let you know so you can write a final letter and wish them well.

Our hope is that each child will have the same sponsor throughout, but we do understand that our sponsors’ situations change too. If you wish to end your child sponsorship, your sponsored child will continue to benefit from the Compassion programme and we’ll look to find a new sponsor as quickly as possible.

If it’s the first time you’re using myCompassion, you’ll need to register your account by clicking here.  Please then enter the email address you provided us when you signed up to sponsor and select a password. We’ll send you a confirmation email with a link you’ll need to click to complete the process.

If you’ve already used myCompassion, but forgotten your username or password, you can send yourself a reminder here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team if you’re still having difficulties. Call 01932 836490 or email

When you register for myCompassion, you should receive an activation email with a link to click to complete the registration process. If you can't find the message, please check your spam folders.

If your email doesn't arrive, please contact our friendly  team on 01932 836490 or email and they’ll help you to complete the process and access your account.

Please pray for:  

  • Children and family members who have been injured, displaced or whose homes have been destroyed.
  • Comfort for those across this area of Haiti who have lost loved ones.
  • Church staff and emergency workers as they reach out to those affected by the earthquake and storm.

Our immediate response was to fully assess the extent of the damage and to provide food, shelter and medical supplies to those needing immediate help. As well as child protection and trauma support measures. Now immediate needs have been met, our focus has shifted towards enabling our Compassion projects to reopen – initially in temporary accommodation while damaged buildings are repaired or rebuilt – as well as efforts to rebuild livelihoods for young people and adults in the area.  If in the unlikely event that more money is raised than can be spent in response to this earthquake, then funds will be used for other disaster needs in Haiti and around the world.


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