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Education Interventions

Independent research proves that Compassion’s sponsorship programme gives children a life-changing foundation of primary education, vocational skills training and a mentor to help them plan for their future. Our Education Interventions enable children to go even further.

Donate today and you can help provide greater education opportunities for young people including scholarships for secondary school and university, vocational training for parents, plus credit and saving schemes for vulnerable families. 

The reality...

  • Only 49% of secondary school children actually attend school.
  • On average, each additional year of education a child receives increases her or his adult earnings by about 10 percent.
  • 115 million young people globally are illiterate.

With your help we can...

  • Keep young people in school by offering scholarships and secondary school fees.
  • Provide extra textbooks and resources which support young people in overcoming poverty.
  • Give children and young people access to powerful educational resources such as libraries and computer labs.

Give a future to the next Sameson

“My name is Sameson Tilahun. When I was five-years-old my mother left me at my aunt’s house. I didn’t realise she wasn’t coming back for me. Nobody spoke my language and I didn’t have enough to eat.

I can still remember the day when our neighbour took me to the Compassion project. It felt like I had gone from one world to another. At the project I was given extra tuition. I was taught woodworking and this is how I now make an income. I run my own woodworking business.

My old project arranged for sponsored children to learn training from my workshop. I’m very happy to be a role model. Looking back, I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given.”

Give access to education

Your donation will help provide the essential resources for children to go beyond primary education. Contribute today to keep children in school so they can grow academically and prepare for a successful future.


Attending a national school was a dream come true and this has exposed me to many ideas about life. I have every reason to be happy since I can see a brighter future.

Brendan who received a scholarship through Education Interventions

I have great confidence facing the future, since I was able to score a B+ grade and I will be joining the University of Nairobi in the month of September to pursue my dream career.

Brendan, Kenya

Watch to see how a computer laboratory in Haiti is giving children even more opportunities

"These skills will help the children be self-sufficient in technology."

Why choose Compassion as your education charity?

Compassion has been a trusted charity since 1952. Over the last five years, donations from UK donors to our Education Interventions have enabled us to teach 14,698 individuals income-generating skills.

We visited an intervention to build a computer lab in Haiti our company supported. We were amazed to see the level of transparency and professionalism from all the people we encountered. We are very proud to be able to partner with such a great organisation in Compassion.

David, Education Interventions donor

Make a difference

Donate today and empower children and young people with education and resources.
Your donation of £25 could provide a parent with education on basic literacy and numeracy skills.
Your donation of £25 could provide a parent with education on basic literacy and numeracy skills.
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The difference you have made

Over the last five years UK donors have had a meaningful impact on the lives of more than 235,612 people.


Given to fund Interventions


Mosquito nets distributed


Babies given a better start


Toilet blocks constructed


Taught income – generating skills


Children and caregivers trained in child protection

Give with confidence

At Compassion, your donation is used wisely to the greatest benefit to children in poverty.

A minimum of 80 percent of donations to Compassion UK is used to directly support the development and delivery of interventions.

The remaining 20 percent is used to inform and update donors and facilitate support for their chosen intervention or fund Compassion UK activities to support more interventions and children.

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