The First in My Family

Ending poverty can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But showing God’s love to just one child can ripple out, impacting a family, a community, and ultimately a nation. Not just now, but into eternity.

Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since 1948 and is experiencing food, medicine and fuel shortages, rapidly rising prices and power cuts.

Child Marriage: 4 Remarkable Girls Speak Out to Stop the Weddings

UNICEF reports up to 10 million more girls are at risk of child marriage over the next decade because of the pandemic – that’s equivalent to every student currently in school in the UK. Meet four teenage girls from different countries who boldly proclaim the dangers of child marriage. Learn why and how to prevent girls like them from saying, ‘I do’ too soon.

This is How it Felt to go Hungry as a Child

Ronnie Mulema, Compassion graduate and father of three, shares his personal experience of living through food insecurity.

World Hunger: 5 Devastating Truths We All Need to Know

Food insecurity is at its highest level in six years. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), around 193 million people are at crisis level or higher – that’s more than the entire population of Bangladesh. Read on to find out the extent of the need and what Compassion is doing to help.

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