The Difference You’ve Made in 2021

This year you’ve helped our church partners feed the hungry, protect the health of the vulnerable, support children’s education, and so much more. Read on to see how your support has made an incredible difference.

A Parent’s Perspective: 10 Insights into Daily Life in Poverty

Poverty impacts every area of a person’s life, but some aspects are more visible than others. Gain an insight into life in poverty as parents and young people share some of these realities.

7 Powerful Prayers for Tackling Climate Change During COP26

Leaders from around the globe gathered in Glasgow for one of the most pivotal moments as we tackle climate change. Here’s what you need to know about COP26, why it matters and how you can pray.

A Time for Action: Climate Change and its Impact on Global Development

Palamanga Ouali, Compassion’s Vice President for Africa, shares the startling impact the climate crisis is already having on those living in extreme poverty and how Compassion’s local church partners are responding.

A Beautiful Survivor: Finding Hope After Tragedy

A survivor of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Christine Uwase grew up as an orphan after witnessing her mother’s murder at the age of four. Her story will inspire and challenge you.

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