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Free Baby Knitting Patterns: A Gift To You

Get ready for winter evenings with these stunning free baby knitting patterns.

Free knitting patterns for babies

Downloadable knitting patterns for you

We’ve created a beautiful collection of free baby knitting patterns thanks to renowned knitting expert, Val Pierce. From an adorable baby hat to cute booties, you’ll love these easy to use downloadable patterns.

Whether you’re a knitting novice or expert, these free baby knitting patterns are really simple to use.

Baby bootees

free modern baby knitting patterns booties

These sweet little bootees are very quick and easy to make so can be attempted by even if you’re a knitting beginner! 

Download knitting pattern

Ideal for new-born babies aged 0-3 months, they can be made with Rico Classic Baby DK (Double Knitting) and King Cole Merino Blend DK in Fuchsia, Glacier, Oatmeal and Carnation.

knitted baby clothes booties

Baby bonnet

This pretty bonnet is another very simple make. Knitted in garter stitch it’s snug and warm to keep babies cosy this winter!

Knitted baby bonnet

Val has used Rico Classic Baby DK, but you can choose whatever colours you have to hand. Again this knitted baby bonnet pattern is ideal for newborns.

Download knitting pattern: bonnet

My name is Val Pierce and my passion for knitting and crochet began as a little girl when I used to sit and watch my mother busy clicking away. I now have designs published in no less than three national knitting and crochet magazines. I’ve loved created these downloadable knitting patterns for babies on behalf of Compassion.

You can use your baby knitting patterns to save lives

Newborn babies are really precious. We’d do anything to protect them.

That’s why, at Compassion, we run charitable projects to help mums and babies left vulnerable by poverty to survive. We invite you to use your free patterns to fundraise and provide newborns with life-saving nutritious food, immunisations, and medical care.

For millions of babies in poverty, the first week of life is their last. But the story doesn't have to end like that. Compassion's Child Survival interventions provide mothers with the vital skills and resources to help their babies not only live, but to thrive and have a brighter future.  

There are many ways to raise funds and I am hoping by sharing my designing skills I can encourage you to knit and crochet some pretty and useful projects and sell them at coffee mornings to raise even more money for this wonderful cause.

The wonderful work that Compassion does in so many countries is invaluable. - Val Pierce

How does it work?


free knitting patterns for tiny babies

It's really simple to use your free knitting patterns to make a difference to others!

  • “Download your free baby knitting patterns today and get knitting!
  • Invite friends and neighbours over for a coffee morning, afternoon tea or informal get together where you can showcase your knitted items and raise support for vulnerable mums and babies in poverty. Some of the resources from our Charity Coffee Morning may be helpful as you organise your event. 
  • Send in the money you’ve raised to Compassion UK. Know that you’re knitting efforts will help protect some of the world’s most vulnerable babies!

Discover more about Child Survival

WORDS : Becca Stanley

PHOTOS : Compassion UK

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