Room for Hope: 25 Striking Photos of Bedrooms Around the World

An insight into the daily reality for the children and families who we serve.

 “You are welcome here.”

With these beautiful words from the families who Compassion serves, step into the homes of 25 children who live in poverty.

Whether it’s a corner of a domed traditional home, a simple hammock, or a private space created by a curtain partition, each room offers a precious insight into their daily lives.

Look beyond what might appear like bleak or confronting surroundings. Many of these children do have stories of incredible heartbreak and loss, suffering and hardship. But their rooms are still places of learning, dreaming, laughter, and, ultimately, of hope.

Welcome inside.

Brothers Marcos Alexandre, aged 9, Marcos Winicius, aged 13, Kauan, aged 6, from Brazil

Brothers Marcos Alexandre, 9, Marcos Winicius, 13, Kauan, 6, share this room in north-east Brazil, though occasionally one of them sprawls out at night in a hammock instead.

Baby Sathinee, Thailand

Baby Sathinee takes a peaceful snooze at home in northern Thailand. She’s been separated from her parents since the pandemic closed the Thai-Myanmar border, but continues to thrive in the loving care of her doting grandmother and Compassion’s Survival intervention.

Maindi, aged 8, Kenya

Maindi, 8, and her family are part of the Rendille tribe, indigenous nomadic pastoralists. She lives in a traditional domed home built of animal hide, sticks, and dung in eastern Kenya. Workbook propped up on her knee, she completes her homework before the light fades. With Compassion’s support, she is enrolled in school—the only child out of her five siblings to attend. 

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Jao, aged 14, Brazil

His home only has one bedroom, so at night, 14-year-old Jao and his brother stretch out to sleep in hammocks in their living room in Brazil.

“I know God is with me,” he says. “I can see Him in the little things. Living in my situation helps me to see the world differently. It teaches me to value what I have and always makes me want to help people who are worse off.”

Little Jasper, Philippines

Little Jasper was born without arms in a rural squatter community in the Philippines. On his bed, he demonstrates how he can use his toes to take selfies on his mother’s phone. He often says, “Don’t worry, Mama, I can do this.”

Yeabsera, Ethiopia

When mother Tigist fell sick and could no longer work, she worried her daughter Yeabsera would end up on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. How could she pay the rent? Not only did Compassion’s partner cover the costs, staff even provided them with this bed in the room they share.

“Their help gave me a reason to thank God every day,” says Tigist, “because I can see God’s help through people.”

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Ydania, Colombia

Ydania sweeps the floor of the bedroom she shares with her siblings in Cucúta, Colombia. Her family fled the spiralling economic crisis in neighbouring Venezuela. As migrants, they arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs. In their new town, they are grateful for a safe place to sleep, even if it’s crowded.

Benson, aged 16, Kenya

In 2018, 16-year-old Benson’s home in Solai, Kenya, was engulfed by a wave of water from a collapsed dam. He lost all of his school uniforms, shoes and books. The Chelsea football fan gives thanks to God that his home is still standing, and his family is safe.  

Ana, aged 11, Brazil

Ana, 11, reads one of her sponsor’s letters on the bed she shares with her older sister each night in Fortaleza, Brazil.

“When I read my sponsor’s letters, I feel so loved,” she says. “She makes me feel so special.”

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Jearvee, aged 17, Philippines

The Philippines is among the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, yet studies often show its people are among the happiest in the world.

This is true for 17-year-old Jearvee’s family, who live in a slum in Metro Manila. The family of seven share a tiny two-room home, where living quarters double as a bedroom.

But, as Jearvee says, “We are happy all the time. I have everything that I need: my loving parents, my younger brothers and sister, my school and my church.”

Kalkidan, aged 10

10-year-old Kalkidan proudly holds a photo of her sponsors in her new bedroom. The clean, spacious room is vastly different from her previous home.

The house she and her single mother rented doubled as a communal kitchen, where neighbours cooked at all hours. After seeing Kalkidan’s reality, her sponsors rented a safe, new home for the little family.

Her smile says it all.

Yosaira & Ilsa, Dominican Republic

Sisters Yosaira and Ilsa learned how to pray at their Compassion programme in the Dominican Republic and now do so every morning and night.

The bed they share may look unusual, but there’s a good reason it’s elevated. The concrete blocks help keep it dry if the nearby river floods.

They store precious letters from their sponsors under their mattress.

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Forgive, aged 5, Ghana

Five-year-old Forgive draws a picture on her bed in Ghana. Orphaned at just one week old, Compassion’s church partner helped her grief-stricken grandmother to support the baby girl. Today, Forgive is healthy and thriving.

“The good people in this church have kept her alive for me,” says her grandmother Margaret. “God bless you and increase your work.”

Jonalyn & her five-month-old baby, Philippines

Just meters from the sea, mother Jonalyn watches over her sleeping five-month-old baby in Metro Manila. Their tiny home, built of flimsy materials, is vulnerable to the ferocious typhoons that batter the Philippines each year.

“I’m worried every time, especially for my baby. I’m so happy that the church is here to help us.”

Maria, aged 7, Ecuador

At five years old, María José could not walk or speak and could barely move. Born with cerebral palsy in Ecuador, the little girl was given a bleak prognosis by doctors. But with one-on-one attention from Compassion’s church partner, María José has flourished, building her strength and learning new words.

Today, at seven years old, doctors predict she will one day walk on her own.

Yves, Burkina Faso

Because of unemployment, Yves’ parents couldn’t afford a meal every day. When he was registered into Compassion’s programme in Burkina Faso, he was diagnosed with acute malnutrition.

His health has since turned around! The lively toddler now keeps his mother on her toes.

Klarisa, Indonesia

Klarisa’s family in North Maluku, Indonesia, love colour: their bright home is painted like a rainbow.

“My favourite thing about the programme is that I get to study the Bible,” she says. 

Yaretzi & Julieth, aged 9 & 8, Honduras

Sisters Yaretzi, 9, and Julieth, 8, and their grandparents were forced out of their home by gang members in Honduras.

The family had no other option but to build a makeshift wooden house near the city dump. On hot, humid days, the smell of rotting garbage is overwhelming.

One of the girls’ favourite places is the bed they share, where they read Bible stories with their grandma.

“I want to become a teacher,” says Julieth, “and share the Word of God with children.”

Sammy, aged 8, Kenya

Eight-year-old Sammy works on his homework at the home he shares with his mother in northeast Kenya.

“I love to do my homework in my room because it is a peaceful space and no one disturbs me here,” he says.

Shakib, Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Shakib spends his days chasing the best internet connection at home so he can participate in his online classes while schools remain closed. He shares this room with his father and older brother.

Enan, aged 8, Peru

Enán, 8, lives in the Peruvian jungle. Their home is typical of the houses in their community, made of wood with a woven-palm roof.

Compassion’s church partner provided the family with iron roof sheets to protect them from the sudden tropical storms.

“Sometimes, in places like our community, children do not have dreams or goals for their future,” says their father. “However, my children are encouraged at the centre to make plans. They inspire them to dream to do great things.”

Absalat & her babies, Ethiopia

High above Eyerusalem and Absalat’s home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, vultures circle. They swoop upon the mountain of rubbish below.

The toddler twins live near the city dump. Their home is just eight foot wide and six feet in length, with much of the room taken up by the family’s bed.

While their home may be humble, God has provided them with beautiful neighbours. They help mother Tiruwok by watching over the twins when she needs a helping hand. 

Nadia, aged 12, Indonesia

Nadia’s oxygen tank crowds her bedroom in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, but 12-year-old is very grateful for the equipment.

Medical access in her village in scarce but Compassion’s programme ensures she receives the support she needs for her heart condition. 

Violet, Uganda

A little nervous, Violet reads her sponsor’s letters at home in Uganda before she meets them for the first time. When she saw their car pull up, all nerves were forgotten as she flung herself into their arms.

“It was like we’d known each ever since she was born and that we’d been apart for so long,” says her sponsor, Paul. “And I’ll never forget that moment.”

Elizabeth, Peru

Elizabeth hugs her teddy in the home she shares with her grandparents in the Amazonas region in northern Peru. She describes the day she received the toy—at her first Compassion Christmas celebration—as “the happiest day of my life”.

The little girl was abandoned by her parents but is being raised in a home full of love. Love from her grandparents, love from her sponsors, and the love from Compassion’s local church partner.

Look beyond the humble surroundings and we’ll find children and families with hopes and dreams like all of us. They want to be loved, accepted and provided with opportunities for a better future.

Through sponsorship, Compassion church partners are providing care and opportunity to children living in poverty. Why not discover more about our programmes and sponsor a child today?

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Words by Compassion International, Zoe Noakes


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