Celebrate Christmas with 8 Festive Gifts From Us to You

Thank you for your support during 2022!

Christmas is nearing and 2022 will soon be over. As we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we’d like to thank you, our sponsors, for faithfully supporting this ministry in what has once again been a very different but equally challenging year.

This year, Christmas celebrations will once again look different for many of our local church partners. While some will celebrate with a Christmas meal and gifts. Other partners, in regions where the pandemic is still threatening lives and livelihoods, will personally deliver practical items – like food or clothing – to children in their care and their families.

But one thing is certain. Christmas will not be stopped. Sponsored children will be provided for thanks to you and Jesus will be remembered and celebrated.

We could not be more grateful.

Our CEO, Justin Dowds, shares:

“We are thankful for the faithful and prayerful support of our sponsors. Your partnership is transforming the lives of children living in extreme poverty, their families, and even communities around the world. You’ve helped our church partners sow hope where there was none, bring joy when people were in despair – all in the name of Jesus. Thank you.”

As a small token of our appreciation, we’ve collected some free gifts for you to download and use in the lead-up to Christmas. We hope it’ll be a blessing to you as we look to celebrate the arrival of God’s incredible salvation plan for the world – Jesus.

1. Christmas Devotion By Singer-Songwriter Graham Kendrick

Join Graham as he marvels at the miracle that is Christmas! The foretold Messiah from thousands of years ago, finally born as a baby to start God’s rescue plan for the world. Graham captures the wonder in the lyrics to his song, A World Awakes.

We’ve also included a delightful nativity by Compassion sponsored children in Kenya to highlight the Christmas story expressed by Graham. We hope it will encourage you too.

Read the Christmas Devotion

2. How To Make Your Own Eco Christmas Wrapping Paper

We’ve gathered together some environmentally friendly ways to wrap your presents this Christmas. From paint stamped brown paper to the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, we hope these creative ways to wrap gifts will inspire and delight you and your loved ones.

Make your own

3. Christmas Designs For You To Use

We’ve asked talented illustrator Miriam Latimer to create some downloadable festive designs for you to get into the Christmas spirit. Display the completed versions on your phone or social media, or share the colouring with your friends, family, sponsored child or church and share joy this Christmas.

Download JPEG

Download JPEG

Download JPEG

Download JPEG

Download JPEG

Download JPEG

4. Carols with Compassion

We’re delighted to invite you to our first-ever in-person carol service to celebrate the joy of Jesus’ birth. This beautiful free carol concert features a host of talented artists, including Noel Robinson, Steph Macleod, Philippa Hanna and Lucy Grimble.

Enjoy your favourite songs, scripture readings and a joyful nativity brought to you by Compassion-supported children.

Join us Thursday 8 December at Welcome Church, Woking, for mulled wine, mince pies, gingerbread biscuits, and a Christmas gift for all children attending.

We’re also delighted to announce that Carols with Compassion will be broadcast on TBN (Freeview channel 66 and Sky 582) on a number of dates in the lead-up to Christmas.

Featuring worship from Manor Collective, encouraging Bible readings and performances of the Christmas story brought to you by Compassion-supported children, you won’t want to miss them!

Hit the button below to find out more about these events.

Book your place

5. Peruvian Hot Chocolate Christmas Craft

Did anyone say hot chocolate? As it gets colder, it’s so lovely to snuggle down with a hot beverage – especially a sweet cup of cocoa.

Hot chocolate jar craft

Call it a craft. Call it a recipe. No matter how you’d like to classify this, here’s an interesting activity all the way from Peru you can do with the entire family! Hint: it involves chocolate!

Hot chocolate jar craft

Read the recipe

6. A Compassion Christmas Spotify Playlist

We’ve created a modern-day mixtape for you and we’re distributing the link with our thanks and love. In our Spotify playlist are all the classic carols and some new Christmas songs to bring you some festive joy!

So why not play them loud and sing along? Let’s keep celebrating the birth of Christ in song.

Compassion Christmas playlist

7. Bible Verses for Christmas Cards

If you’re looking for inspiration from God’s word to encourage your friends and family this Christmas, we’ve gathered a few Christmas Bible verses for you. We hope you’ll have many opportunities to share with the people you love the true joy and hope found in Jesus.

Christmas card writing tips

Discover Christmas Bible verses

8. Free Prayer Journals

We’ve created free prayer journal templates and shared it with a few ways to ignite our prayer life as we approach a new year.

prayer journal

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our blog to download the templates and use them to enrich your walk with our Lord.

Thank you so much for supporting children with Compassion. Your partnership is greatly appreciated. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Downloadable prayer journal templates

Agnes Wilson

Words by Agnes Wilson


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