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Pray For Latin America As Coronavirus Cases Rise

Please pray for Latin America as countries continue to see a rise in Coronavirus cases.

The death toll from the virus has skyrocketed in Brazil to more than 105,000. In the worst hit state of  São Paulo, the overstretched health system is struggling to cope. It has been reported that health specialists are now fearing the situation will slip out of control.

Peru has experienced more than 541,000 cases and tragically more than 26,000 people have lost their lives. Officials have stated Lima's hospital system has collapsed due to the number of patients it has been forced to treat.

Mexico has recently been hitting headlines with the country overtaking the UK with the world’s third-highest number of deaths from the pandemic after the US and Brazil.

Please bring before our God the plight of Latin American countries struggling with this pandemic. Pray with us as we petition God for mercy. May He spare people in these countries and strengthen our church partners in this region as they look to care for the marginalised and vulnerable in their communities.

A prayer for Latin America

Father God, we pray for your mercy over Latin America. Please Lord we ask that you be with people in these countries as they face this pandemic. Strengthen our church partners – give them wisdom and endurance – as they now look to care for the vulnerable in their communities in your name. Amen

For more information about how COVID-19 is impacting our partner offices in Latin America please visit our COVID-19 update page.


Sources: Guardian, New York Times, BBC


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