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Free recipe book for you this World Food Day

A table is more than a piece of furniture. It’s a place where community is created and friendships are built. A place where we can invite others to gather around to share their struggles and triumphs.

We recently travelled to Ghana with The Great British Bake-off quarter finalist Benjamina Ebuehi to visit Compassion projects. The warmth and hospitality shown was extraordinary as we baked and broke bread with people throughout the country.

Inspired by our visit, we’re delighted to share our cookbook filled with easy recipes for World Food Day. From stunning cake recipes to delicious bread bakes, this cookbook is a flavour of Compassion projects from around the world. We hope in turn it inspires you to gather people around your table, especially those who need it most.


“The welcoming attitude at the Compassion projects is just amazing. What little they have, they really want to share and they want to make sure that you feel very welcome – they really bring you in.”


The importance of nutrition

Nearly 400 million children will go to bed hungry tonight. But thanks to a worldwide community passionate about empowering children to break free from poverty, we’re fighting hunger. More than 1.8 million children are receiving the nutrition they need to have healthy minds and bodies through sponsorship with Compassion.

"Sponsorship is more than helping one child. Over time you are helping build a better community in that area."


Don't forget your free recipe book today!

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Did you know one in three people are affected by malnutrition globally? (WHO)

Through Compassion, 1.8 million kids are getting the food they need.

165 million children have stunted growth as a result of poor nutrition. (Global Nutrition Report)

Compassion teaches kids about nutrition so they can grow up strong and healthy.

Undernutrition contributes to approximately one third of all child deaths. (WHO)

Compassion provides balanced meals with the minerals and vitamins a growing child needs.

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Make a difference to a child in poverty.


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