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Praise God for Elisa's eyesight

Give thanks for the restoration of Elisa’s eyesight

Join Elisa and her mum Maria in giving thanks to God for healing Elisa’s left eye.

Elisa’s cornea and retina were severely damaged after a nail from a mosquito net came away and entered her eye. Having rushed her daughter to hospital, Maria discovered she needed surgery which she’d never be able to afford.

Praise God — after Raquel, the tutor at the Compassion project where Elisa is registered, heard about their situation she began taking action to ensure the funds were in place for the surgery.

 “I always help everyone who comes to me. As there are many children, tutors always get involved in everything related to them. I committed myself to accompany Elisa in every step, every day,” says Raquel.

Raquel negotiated with the doctor and clinic who agreed to reduce their fees. With further assistance from a RESPOND initiative, Elisa was able to undergo two surgeries.

Praise God for healing Elisa's eyesight

Maria is grateful to Raquel and the Compassion project for their daily prayers, visits and constant calls to see how Elisa was doing. As Maria says, "I don’t know where my daughters and I would be today without this precious help. I cannot imagine going through this accident without Raquel. God has been good.”

Soon Elisa will have her third surgery, in which the silicone that keeps her retina in place will be removed. After Elisa’s first surgery, her mum was concerned by the sided effects of the anaesthesia. To Maria’s surprise, Elisa came out of the surgery room singing these words:

“My heart is confident because I know you.
In the midst of the storm I’m never alone.
I can see your silhouette in the middle of the fog.
Your grace is sufficient in me, if the world trembles.

Every day, I wake up and your mercy is with me.

I know I can rest, because You are the same.
Every day, You teach me to trust You with your word.
My faith grows more every morning, every day.”

Elisa’s song shows her confidence that God saved her eye.

  • Praise God for His miracle of saving Elisa’s left eye.
  • Give thanks for project tutors like Raquel and their love and care.
  • Pray that Elisa’s third surgery will also be successful and that she will once again come out of the operating theatre praising and singing.

"Be strong and courageous. Don't fear or tremble before them, because the Lord your God will be the one who keeps on walking with you he won't leave you or abandon you." Deuteronomy 31:6 (ISV)


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