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Update: Rainstorm in Ghana

17 July, 2017

The rainstorm in Ghana that caused several buildings to collapse a little over a week ago has passed. Caregivers are attending to their farms daily, and children have returned to school and normal activities.

Compassion sponsored children and their families have expressed gratitude for the help and support they received from their church partner.

We thank you all for your prayers.


7 July, 2017

 Last Friday, heavy rains fell in parts of Ghana, causing several mud buildings to collapse. 

  • Although none of our church partners are affected at this time, 19 Compassion sponsored children and their families have been affected.
  • Some sponsored children are staying with friends and relatives while others are sleeping in the damaged buildings where makeshift repairs have been made to ensure their safety.¬†
  • Relief items have also been delivered to some of the beneficiaries, including food (rice, beans, maize, oil, herring, yams, fish and tomatoes), hygiene items and shoes.¬†

We thank God for the safety of our sponsored children in this area. Please pray for provision and support for more permanent repairs to the damaged buildings.

We will contact you directly if your sponsored child has been impacted. 


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