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Pray For The Unrest in Haiti

Many major Haitian cities including Port au Prince, Gonaives, and Cap Haitian are experiencing violent socio-political crisis. Over recent days, businesses have been vandalized, vehicles burnt and pedestrians and drivers ransomed at several corners of the Haitian capital. Streets have been blocked with burning tires, rubbish and rocks.

Demonstrators are asking President Moise to resign upon allegations of corruption. According to local radio reports, the demonstrations are expected to continue throughout the country at least through this week.

These events have deeply affected Compassion’s work around the country. Many of Compassion's church partners are closed and thousands of children have been forced to stay at home to remain safe. National office staff members have had huge difficulties returning home from work and many continue to work from home.

Church leaders and Compassion Haiti national office staff are monitoring the situation very closely to assist families as much as possible.

“Haiti is one of the most vulnerable countries to extreme weather events and has long had chronic problems trying to feed its population," explains Guilbaud Saint-Cyr, Compassion Haiti National Director.

"Besides this catastrophic situation, the country has been facing interminable political instability since last year. It has become worse over the last two weeks with violence that has practically locked down the country. The protesters have asked the president to step down and this movement has had deep side effects on our ministry.

We believe that God has appointed us for a time like this and want to do the best we can to keep bringing hope to our dear sponsored children and youth. We are working alongside our church partners to provide appropriate holistic support to them in this trial time that our nation has been facing. We rely on the prayers of the spiritual warriors throughout our partners.”

As always, we'll contact you if your sponsored child has been directly affected.

6 ways we can be praying for the protests and violence in haiti

Please join us in praying for peace and stability for the nation of Haiti. Please pray for:

  • Stability and peace for Port-au-Prince and the other cities affected.
  • God's protection over the people of Haiti during this time of unrest. Pray particularly that children would be kept safe. 
  • Wisdom for the government leaders - both the ruling and opposition parties.
  • Churches in the areas where violence has broken out, including Compassion's partner churches. We pray they would be beacons of light and hope for their communities during this time.
  • Provision of food, medicine and fuel for those in need. 
  • Wisdom for Compassion Haiti National Office as they co-ordinate with church partners.

A prayer for Haiti

Father we pray for your peace for Haiti. We pray that no more children would be injured by the violence. We pray for a swift resolution that will bring stability and security. We ask that this nation would know your justice and hope. In Jesus' mighty name we pray. Amen

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