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Update: Pray For The Political and Social Unrest in Haiti

Update: 26 February 2019

Praise God, tensions have reduced in Haiti. Most businesses are open and things are gradually returning to normal. The population is waiting for dialogue between the government and the opposition so they can move forward with plans to implement a series of actions to improve the living conditions.

Our Haitian office shares that 19 Compassion-supported children and young people were directly affected by the violence. One child and caregiver were injured but have now recovered. 17 other children are temporarily living with relatives after their homes were burgled.  

All Compassion projects have now re-opened. The national office staff continue to encourage church partners, children and their families to be vigilant due to some continued violence in Port-au-Prince. 

Please continue to pray for the tensions in the country to diminish. Please pray for the continued safety of children, their families and Compassion church partners. Ask that God would comfort and give peace to those who were impacted by the violence. 

19 February 2019

Haiti has now been experiencing political and social unrest for two weeks. Thousands of people have rallied in the capital Port-au-Prince and some areas of the countryside amidst fierce demonstrations. There are reports of roadblocks, burning tires and vandalism. 

After such a sustained period of unrest, people are now exhausted. There are shortages of food, medicine and fuel. 

Demonstrators and opposition leaders are calling President Jovenel Moise to step down after allegations of corruption. Mr Moise - who has been in power since 2017 - has called for dialogue with the opposition leaders and announced some measures to improve living conditions for the people of Haiti. 

Most schools, businesses and transportation services are closed in Port-au-Prince and the major Haitian cities. A number of foreign tourists have been trapped in their hotels as the security situation deteriorates.

How is the violence in Haiti impacting Compassion?

The Compassion Haiti National Office re-opened yesterday, but some staff have been unable to get to work. Our Haitian leadership is monitoring the situation closely and staying in touch with church leaders and project staff members. They have asked project staff and children to stay at home to avoid the areas of unrest. 

“We are monitoring the crisis effects on our ministry. There is a risk of a major humanitarian crisis because people are running out of water and food," explains Guilbaud St Cyr, Compassion Haiti National Director.

Sadly we have received news that four Compassion-supported children have been affected by the violence to date. One young girl's hand was brushed by a bullet whilst she walked past demonstrations at her local market. She was immediately taken to hospital by staff from her Compassion partner church. Praise God she was treated and is now safely back home. 

Two Compassion-assisted children lost their belongings when their home was burgled last week. They are physically well and living with relatives. One child's father was hospitalised from the affects of tear gas but is now home again. 

We will keep this news feed updated as soon as further information is available. As always, we will contact you directly if your sponsored child is affected.

6 ways we can be praying for the protests and violence in haiti

Please join us in praying for peace and stability for the nation of Haiti. Please pray for:

  • Stability and peace for¬†Port-au-Prince and the other cities affected.
  • God's protection over the people of Haiti during this time of unrest. Pray particularly that children would be kept safe. Lift up the children who have been injured by the violence so far.
  • Wisdom for the government leaders - both the ruling and opposition parties.
  • Churches in the areas where violence has broken out, including Compassion's partner churches. We pray they would be beacons of light and hope for their communities during this time.
  • Provision of food, medicine and fuel for those in need.
  • Wisdom for Compassion Haiti National Office as they co-ordinate with church partners.

A prayer for Haiti

Father we pray for your peace for Haiti. We pray that no more children would be injured by the violence. We ask for your wisdom for both President Moise and the opposition leaders. We pray for a swift resolution that will bring stability and security. We ask that this nation would know your justice and hope. In Jesus' mighty name we pray. Amen


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