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Honduras under high alert

2nd November 2017

Last weekend, heavy rains kept some parts of Honduras under high alert. Rains are expected to continue and a cold front is forecasted for this week.

We can confirm that 9 of our Compassion church partners are affected and 131 Compassion-supported children are also affected. 

The field office continues to support the church partners with ongoing RESPOND disaster funds as they provide families with water, beds, clothing, shoes, hygiene supplies, uniforms, school supplies and, in some cases, stoves and kitchen supplies.

Please continue to pray for relief from the rain and safety among our children.

27th October 2017

In northwestern Honduras a bridge was damaged when recent rains caused the river underneath to rise.  The bridge was constructed using RESPOND funds and enabled children on the other side of the river to access and attend program activities at their local church. 

One church partner has been reported as affected so far. Several others are believed to be impacted as well along with 50 Compassion-supported children. Please pray for a break in the rain, so flooding can recede and for God’s protection over the people of Honduras.

Compassion Honduras will keep us updated as more information becomes available.

We will contact you directly if your sponsored child's project has been affected. 

26th October 2017

The heavy rains continue to fall in Honduras. National authorities have put parts of the country on high alert, and some areas have been evacuated.

Compassion church partners are using ongoing RESPOND disaster funds to provide children with water, clothing, mattresses, pillows, cleaning supplies, uniforms and shoes as needed. They have also started assisting families with home repair.

11th October 2017

Heavy rains intensified by Tropical Storm Nate have caused flooding in many areas of Honduras.  Nationwide, authorities have reported over 1,000 people have been affected.  The Compassion field office estimates that at least 50 children are affected too.

Compassion church partners are providing temporary shelter, food, water, mattresses, clothes, school supplies and other assistance to the Compassion supported children and their families through reimbursable RESPOND funds. 

We will contact you directly if your sponsored child's project has been affected. 

Please pray for the safety of all throughout Honduras.


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