Conjunctivitis outbreak in Honduras

An outbreak of severe conjunctivitis has been reported across several regions in Honduras. At the end of September, the Secretary of Health sent an official communication, stating there were 30,000 cases of the highly contagious eye infection, and they expect this number to increase. 

Our church partners in the northern and central parts of the country have been impacted by the outbreak. To date, 766 children from 61 of our church partners have been affected. 

Compassion Honduras and our church partners have distributed preventive information provided by the local health system. They've also hosted specialist hygiene meetings with children and their parents.

The Compassion Honduras health specialist has been providing technical support to our church partners to ensure children who have contracted conjunctivitis receive the care they need. In most cases, public health centres are providing medication and treatment at no cost. For those who have not been able to access free treatment, our projects are covering the cost through our RESPOND fund.

Please pray for the health of children and families in this area of Honduras. Pray for a quick recovery for those affected and protection for those who have not contracted the illness.

Compassion Honduras will keep us updated as more information becomes available. We will contact you directly if your sponsored child's project has been affected. 


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