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The Compassion Experience Has Closed its Doors

We’re sad to announce that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been forced to close the Compassion Experience permanently.

The Compassion Experience was an educational exhibit, providing an insight into the lives of children living in poverty. Housed inside a large truck, it was an immersive journey through the stories of three children who have been a part of Compassion’s programme. Though the use of an iPod and headphones, visitors had the opportunity to hear from Sameson, Shamim and Patience, who shared first-hand what daily life was like for them growing up in extreme poverty.

Compassion Experience

Since it opened in June 2017, we’ve been able to welcome more than 26,000 visitors at 68 churches and events. We also took it to numerous schools, and more than 5,600 schoolchildren were able to get an insight into the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty.

Sadly, the global pandemic means we’re unable to continue with the Compassion Experience, and Compassion UK have made the difficult decision to close its doors permanently.

Thank you to all those who volunteered at one of our events, and to the team at Brewco who managed the logistics so wonderfully for three years. More than 2,100 children were sponsored by visitors to the Compassion Experience – so although the Compassion Experience may be finishing, its impact will be felt in lives of those children for years to come.

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