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Why Now is the Time to Sponsor a Child

Could you sponsor a child today, and help them through this crisis and beyond?

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Dear friend,

Like you, a few months ago none of us would have foreseen that the world would have been locked in a pandemic. Know that wherever you are, and whatever your situation may be, our prayers are with you.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Compassion has adjusted our strategy for how we are caring for children in extreme poverty. Local churches across all the countries we are working in are using sponsorship donations to meet urgent and critical needs for families and children registered in the programmes. The need is huge as this pandemic has hit the poorest of the poor the hardest.

Sponsorship donations are giving children and their families critical necessities like food, clean water, shelter, clothing, hygiene and sanitation items. And medical care and trauma counselling. Your support is vital in this season, so I invite you to sponsor a child and help us to extend this care to another child in need.

We believe the local church is the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing His love and grace into people’s lives, especially in this difficult time.

I want to thank you for considering sponsoring a child and I want to assure you of two things: that we will continue to pray with and for you. And we will continue to do absolutely everything we can to ensure children in poverty are loved and protected and receiving the necessary support at this critical time.

God bless you,
Sidney Muisyo, Head of Global Programme, Compassion

Our staff and church partners are adapting and innovating day-by-day, finding ways to help and assist children and their families. Below, we see how our local church partners are responding to the pandemic to best serve children in poverty.

The need in the east and west Africa

We recently heard from Compassion graduate, Richmond Wandera, about the challenges of responding to COVID-19 in his community of Namugongo, Uganda:

“The people who are suffering the most [from COVID-19] are the poorest of the poor," Richmond explains. "... in the west there is enough space within houses for social distancing. And then you think about many of the communities in Uganda and how about 6 or 7 people are staying in one room. So when you think about social distancing in that perspective, it’s just an idea that falls apart.”

In response to the urgent need, our partners churches in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso are working tirelessly to support children and their families.

fighting covid-19 in Kenya

In the Dagoretti slum, Kenya, the local Compassion project is raising awareness about how to minimize the risk of infection from Coronavirus. Since water can be scarce and expensive, the project is teaching caregivers how to make homemade sanitizers for when handwashing isn’t an option. Here, toddler Leah is practising the handwashing techniques she's learnt. 

COVID-19 challenges in Kenya

For many families living in slums in Kenya, COVID-19 has brought terrifying and challenging decisions. Mum Dorcas explains, “sometimes we are forced to choose between purchasing water or purchasing food to keep hunger pangs at bay.” 

fighting covid-19 in Tanzania

Two-year-old Samir from Tanzania shares his compound with five other families, which has made social distancing difficult. "We share one bed with our kids and everything else is shared with our neighbours," says Samir's mother, Maria. "So, if any one of us gets infected, we are all going to be infected."

In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in their community, our local church partner is providing children and their families with soap.

Sponsor a child and give them critical support during COVID-19 and beyond.

The need in Asia

In this update, Compassion Philippines National Director, Noel Pabiona, shares the need to care for the most vulnerable children during this season. 

“The entire Philippines is in total lockdown," he explains. "The fear in the Philippines is that if this virus spreads to the poor living in crowded areas, that is something that is really dangerous for us.

"Most of the children we work with live in such communities. Small houses where 6 or 9 or 10 people live together. It’s so cramped that social distancing is something that is impossible to implement.”

Our church partners in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia have been adapting fast, delivering emergency food supplies to families who rely solely on their daily wages to put food on the table. 

emergency covid-19 food supplies

"Before I got these groceries, I told my children that we may be fasting for days. But, thanks to God, we got the food from the project. It is huge support that we need in this difficult time," says Ananda, mum to sponsored child Akhsa, Indonesia.

COVID-19 food supplies in Bangladesh

Our Compassion Bangladesh team describe the COVID-19 pandemic as "shaking every person, young and old, in all spheres of life. It has shaken the economy and spread fear." During this anxious time, our church partners are going the extra mile in delivering emergency supplies. "Markets are running dry of hygiene items," explains Compassion Social Worker, Rakhi. "The desperation continues to grow in our village."

Sponsor a child and give them critical support during COVID-19 and beyond.

The need in Central and South America

Following special permission from the Honduran government, our church partners in Honduras are delivering daily food packages to families in poverty who are currently unable to work due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

"We were able to show the President and his staff how the church is working to let them continue helping the sponsored children," reflects Compassion Honduras National Director, Yolanda Rodas. "Families can't wait, so it's the church who is ready to help them."

emergency covid-19 food supplies in El Salvador

In El Salvador's national quarantine, the most vulnerable families have found themselves struggling. "I am thankful to have this grocery bag because it contains all the essential products that we need during the quarantine," explains Kirian, mum to five-year-old Adonay. "In this critical time where we are not allowed to leave our homes, this provision will help us to survive the crisis."

emergency food supplies in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, brothers James and Jonny are in quarantine with their mother and five other siblings. Their home is a one-bedroom house made of corrugated metal pieces, wooden planks and some bricks.

Since lockdown began, Compassion project staff have been adapting the way they support children and blessing whole families of sponsored children in their communities.

Project Director Raquel says, “It is important for us to be able to provide families with food, hygiene products and medicines … to help fight this illness … Each member of the project staff is caring for them … praying for them, and we will always help in any way we can.”

James and Jonny’s mum, Geoconda is grateful for their support, sharing “I thank the Lord, first and foremost for everything He has done … I am grateful for the dedication and love [staff] show towards their work in the ministry and the families of the kids they serve.”

Sponsor a child and give them critical support during COVID-19 and beyond..

You can bring long-term hope

By sponsoring a child with Compassion today, you’ll not only provide them with urgent care during this unprecedented season of COVID-19 lockdown, you’ll also give them long-term hope, empowering them to overcome poverty, for good.

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the countries where we work, our local church partners will restart the world-class child development programme that has proven so effective in empowering children to be released from poverty.

Eating dinner in Guatemala

Once safe to do so, Compassion church-based projects will re-open and your vital sponsorship donations will enable your sponsored child to access educational and nutritional support, medical check-ups and the love and care of a local church community. You can learn more about the Compassion programme here.

At that point, you’ll be able to establish a correspondence with your sponsored child and see the impact you’re making over time in the letters you exchange. At the moment, there are some delays in letter writing because of COVID-19 restrictions but you can write an introductory letter digitally to your sponsored child either online or using the Compassion UK App.

Make a difference today

We currently have more than 200,000 children globally waiting for a sponsor. Right now Compassion is supporting these children and their families, but we need more sponsors to sustain this. Could you sponsor a child today, help them through the COVID-19 crisis and then, over many years, transform their life through your donations, words of encouragement and prayers?

Sponsor a child and give them critical support during COVID-19 and beyond.

WORDS : Becca Stanley

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