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9 Ways You’ll Make a Difference to Your Sponsored Child This Year

How child sponsorship is changing children’s lives.

make a difference to your sponsored child

By sponsoring a child with Compassion in 2020, you'll make an incredible difference. You'll bring stability and security to a child living in the vulnerability of poverty. From all of us at Compassion UK - thank you.

Your support will help your sponsored child to be:

1. Educated

Children in school uniform

Depending on where your sponsored child lives, part of your £28 a month will pay their school fees or go towards school uniforms and supplies. This is so vital! If you sponsor a girl, the fact that they’ll spend 2020 attending primary school will mean their eventual wages are likely to be 10-20 percent higher.*

2. Valued

Children playing in Bolivia

Every week for 44 weeks of the next year, your sponsored child will attend a Compassion project. They'll receive love, guidance, teaching and care from a team of well-trained staff from the local church. They'll even have a designated staff member who is responsible for going the extra mile in caring for them!

When added together, you enable staff and volunteers to invest over 28 million hours of contact time in the lives of UK and Irish sponsored children last year.

3. Protected

Compassion project in Burkina Faso

Poverty places children at risk: abuse, enforced child labour, child trafficking, FGM and child prostitution are to name just a few dangers. Because you enable your sponsored child to have weekly contact with their Compassion project, trained staff will notice if they're acting out of character or absent from project activities. Project workers will follow up and do everything they can to keep them safe.

4. Confident

Reading letters

Studies have shown that by writing two letters in 2020, you'll boost your child's self-esteem!

Last year, you sent more than 168,500 messages to your sponsored children. Thank you for encouraging and supporting children and young adults like 15-year-old Alexa through your letters.

“I treasure my letters because they fill me with joy. [I keep my letters] in a box I covered with pink paper when I was age ten. I went to a neighbour’s house and a lady got a box for me; it was after I received my fifth letter that I decided to put them in a safe place.”

5. Healthy

Health check in El Salvador

You’ll enable your sponsored child to keep up-to-date with their immunisations and to receive a health screening.

In 2018 you helped provide over 215,000 health and dental checks. For children like Chao in Togo, this revealed a health issue his Compassion project was then able to address. As his dad, Laurent explains:

When Chao was registered into the project it relieved our burdens. During his last health check-up, the medical staff noticed Chao had a problem with his jaw. The project made it possible for Chao to have the surgery needed. Now he wants to be a doctor.

6. Well fed

Eating dinner in Guatemala

Compassion project staff dished up more than 4.7 million meals last year. Thanks to your amazing continued support, your sponsored child will continue to receive nutritious food at their project, and extra food packages to take home if they're at risk of malnutrition.

7. Supported at home

Home visit in Uganda

Project workers from the local church will take time to get to know your sponsored child’s family, making sure they're safe and well. These everyday heroes will go out of their way to visit your sponsored child at home.

As well as a visit from their project worker, last year 145 children also received an extra special home visit from their sponsor! You travelled thousands and thousands of miles in 2018 to experience the life-changing moment of meeting your sponsored child face-to-face.

Fancy an adventure in 2020? Find out more about visiting your sponsored child.

8. Equipped

Learning in Indonesia

At their project, your child will be taught the Compassion curriculum which covers everything from Bible stories to practical skills like money management.

9. Empowered

From bead-making to carpentry and baking, you'll give your sponsored child access to vocational training that will empower them to get a job in the future.

Thank you so much for playing your part in changing the lives of children living in poverty. We so excited to partner with you in 2020 and continue to make an incredible difference in Jesus’ name!

If you don't already sponsor a child, why not make it a New Year's resolution to empower a child today.

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Sources: Unicef, Child Sponsorship: Exploring Pathways to a Brighter Future

WORDS : Becca Stanley, Emily Johnstone

PHOTOS : Compassion International



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