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“Sponsoring this little lad from Ghana who loves football is such a blessing to us.”

Written in Kings

Compassion Ambassadors, Written In Kings, are a rock band from South Wales who established themselves five years ago through two friends’ passion and vision for music. Today, the band consists of front man, Sam Taylor and his brother and lead guitarist, Ben Taylor, with Nathan Beaton (drums) and Josh Halls (bass). These lads are inspired by honest and passionate rock’n’roll and love using their music to serve others.

How did you first hear about Compassion?

We were formally introduced to Compassion through Nigel James, Third Day’s tour pastor. Our partnership with Compassion started around two years ago and we loved the idea of partnering with an organisation which makes such a huge difference around the world.

When we started a band, we were aware that obviously being in a band performing and using your talents, it can easily become about us. It’s hard to find a way of not glorifying yourselves and we thought this partnership was a good way to honour God and serve others and genuinely change people’s lives.

What is distinctive about your music?

Though our lyrics may not be those of conventional Christian songs, everything we do is worship and our hope is that it glorifies God. The themes that we sing about aren’t limited to Christians or churches, people come up to us and tell us they really identify with them.

The ones that always resonate with people are the real songs, the ones that are gritty.

What are some of the best things about getting to make music as Written In Kings?

We've got to a stage where we are focused on everything that we do being worship. When your ambition is fixed on God and not on man's approval, God can really get to work on His dreams for your life! We no longer get caught up in pleasing the industry and its view on who we are, now we focus on worshipping God and what He's saying through our music. This makes the creation of music together pretty exciting! 

Tell us about your sponsored child

We read about this little lad from Ghana who likes football and playing. We saw his photo and he was wearing jeans and flip flops. We loved his smile. It’s a privilege to be able to help him and the fact that we can give out to him, it helps us focus. He’s a blessing to us. We love him to bits and we look forward to meeting him one day.

 What are your hopes for Bismark?

Our hope is that Bismark chooses to follow in the footsteps of Christ and seeks out God's dreams and ambitions for his life. If he can do this then that truly is the very best thing we could hope and pray for. 

You’re taking part in this year’s Muskathlon! Tell us about that.

This year we’re heading to Uganda to take part in a Muskathlon for Compassion. We opted to run the marathon and thought it’d be a great opportunity to step out of our comfort zones and put our faith in God. There’s nothing comfortable about a Muskathlon, from raising £40,000 to the heat and elevation in Uganda. From day 1 until the finish it’s going to be tough!

We are excited about the challenge though because when you’re on your knees and have nothing left to give, God steps in and always shows up.

Written In Kings are currently on tour!
Check out their upcoming gigs and buy tickets here >

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