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Heavy rains in Uganda

Heavy rains in south western Uganda have led to landslides in Rukiga District. Many people’s homes and livelihoods have been affected. Roads have been impassable, and the electric power supply is unstable. Top soils have been washed away, affecting agriculture. The prime minister visited Rukiga District and committed to providing food support. 

Community spring wells have been destroyed, and the gravity water system that serves Kihanga Child Development Centre has been impacted. 

66 Compassion-supported children have been affected. Staff from the project have been busy visiting families to assess damage to their properties. Thanks to funding from RESPOND, they've been able to purchase food (rice, beans and maize flour), as well as other relief items, such as blankets, mattresses and utensils for cooking and eating.

Please pray for safety and provision for the children and families served by Kihanga Child Development Centre, as well as the community around them.


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