Haiti Earthquake Update

Haiti Earthquake Update

On Saturday 14 August Haiti was devastated by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that tore through the regions of South, Nippes, and Grand’Anse. When the quake hit, families not only lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods, they also lost their sense of safety.

The earthquake affected 15,654 Compassion-supported children. Of this number, tragically, 16 died. In addition, 12,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, alongside 34 buildings belonging to Compassion’s church partners.

But you were there to supply much needed funds that are now being used to help rebuild lives.

Thank you 

Thanks to your generous donation, we’ve been able to send more than £826,000 in relief funding to Haiti to aid the disaster response. This is how your donations have and will be used. 


In the short-term, we have:

Supplied food kits and hygiene packs for 15,654 children, youth and families.

Distributed more than 3,000 food and hygiene kits to affected children in nine church partners.

Provided 37 local church partners with cash transfers so families of Compassion-supported children could buy food and basic necessities.

In the long-term:

We’ll strengthen a powerful and effective support system: our local church partners.

We’ll repair or rebuild 12,000 homes and 34 of Compassion’s church projects to withstand future earthquakes and hurricanes. In parts of Haiti, Compassion’s local church partner buildings double as schools. Reconstruction means teachers can again deliver education, restoring children’s safety and sense of normality.

Our aim is to stabilise the community as the church continues to support and serve them into the future.

UPDATED 19 November 2021 

Haiti Earthquake MESSAGE


Compassion has been on the frontline, assisting vulnerable children and their families. In this video, Edouard Lessegue, Compassion’s Vice President of Latin America and Caribbean Region, provided an update on our immediate response to this disaster. 

Compassion’s Response 

Compassion has a long history of serving children and families in poverty on the island nation and is mobilising staff and funds to support people who have been impacted by the quake.

Staff members from our National Office are supporting our church partners, children and their families. Sponsors have been informed if their sponsored child has been affected.

Immediate Aid Relief

Compassion responded immediately by offering food and hygiene kits and supporting local churches as they served their community. Additional immediate relief includes:

  • Shelter for children and families.
  • Transitional space for 32 frontline church partners so they can work with children in trauma.
  • Training and education for parents who have lost their livelihoods.


Child Protection Measures

Children have been separated from their caregivers in the mayhem of the earthquake.
We are setting up child-friendly spaces that offer refuge for unaccompanied minors to safely wait as missing caregivers are located. Children are provided a safe place to play and process their emotions with trusted adults. 


Safety Measures

The political turmoil, combined with desperation, has created an increase in kidnappings and gang violence.

To avoid inherent dangers in displacement camps, Compassion is trying to keep families and children together. Temporary shelters will be set up on their own land with the potential to become permanent shelters and homes in the future. 


Extent of the Impact on Projects

So far, 46 projects have been impacted, which serve more than 17,000 children. 

Initial estimates for the cost for emergency response and rebuilding is in the region of $20m USD.


Hope for tomorrow

Compassion is using donations to also help with long-term needs such as:

  • The physical rebuilding of 34 projects.
  • Partial reconstruction of 35 damaged sanctuaries.
  • The repair or rebuild of 12,000 homes.
  • Hiring six full-time staff members to help with micro-loans.
  • Long-term trauma care for children, families and staff.


Please pray and donate to our Haiti Disaster Appeal

Compassion UK is collecting donations for the recovery process.

“We are asking our supporters to donate to our Haiti Disaster Appeal. And we are asking people to pray,” says Justin. “Pray for the children and family members who have been injured, displaced or whose homes have been destroyed. Please pray for God’s comfort for those who have lost loved ones and those who are still waiting to hear their news. Pray also that aid will swiftly get to all those affected by this disaster.” 

Further prayer points:

  • Pray for all the church partner staff members and the four Partnership Facilitators living in the area who are providing support while also dealing with how the earthquake impacted their own families.
  • Pray that the fuel shortage that has affected the country over the last year will not impact getting needed supplies into the area.
  • Pray for those who need medical attention that they will be able to get the care they need and that the medical teams will have the supplies they need.
  • Pray for the safety of the region. It has been unsafe to travel in the region for the past months because of gang violence and political instability.
  • Pray for protection for the national office staff members who are travelling to the area to provide support.
  • Pray for the Compassion Haiti staff as this earthquake brings back memories of the traumatic 2010 earthquake in the Port-au-Prince area. Ask God to bring comfort and peace to their hearts and minds.
  • Pray for comfort for children and young people and that Compassion’s response will bring much-needed help to the communities we serve.
  • Pray for those who are grieving in the wake of this disaster.
  • Pray for the rebuilding of homes, safe spaces and church buildings.
Donate to the Haiti Disaster Appeal

If you’re using the app, simply click on the green button below to donate. Thank you for your faithful support.

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