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900 evacuated after flooding in Ethiopia

23rd October 2017

The community of Metehara, Ethiopia along with the local government responded jointly to the flooding that occurred in September. A total of 900 people were evacuated and settled temporarily in a high school located in a higher area of town. The local government provided families with food and water, as well as mosquito nets. Community members also fundraised to support those affected. 

A total of 186 Compassion-supported children were affected.  

Our church partners responded by distributing emergency food and helping families resettle in their homes or find rental homes as needed. All Compassion-supported children are now out of the temporary shelter, thank you for all your prayers.

15th September 2017

Metehara Town in central Ethiopia was flooded when the Awash River overflowed its banks due to heavy rains.  Several homes, basic supplies and livelihoods were destroyed.

Over 700 Compassion-sponsored children were evacuated by the local government. Children and their families are temporarily staying at a nearby school or with relatives. Our church partners are working to identify their respective Compassion-supported children who are affected, but the road is damaged from the flooding, and communications are not stable. The local government is providing limited basic supplies, including a bottle of water and food rations daily, as well as mosquito nets and medical support. 

Our church partners are trying to assess the situation of the children and hoping to temporarily rent houses for safer relocation. They are also working to provide basic supplies and household items and will be requesting funding support for response efforts.

We will contact you directly if your sponsored child's project has been affected. Please pray for the health and safety of our Compassion-supported children in this area.




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