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If Poverty Could Speak to You, What Would it Say?

“Poverty began to speak to me as a child. I felt I was nothing … Nobody cared to know my name,” remembers Richmond from Uganda.

Richmond Wandera story

Richmond’s life was turned upside down at the age of eight, when his father was murdered.

With no income of her own, Richmond’s mother moved the family to their new home – one single 12 x 12 room in one of Uganda’s largest slums. A room where the whole family had to sleep. A room that leaked when it rained.

Hunger and thirst began to take their toll both physically and mentally on Richmond.

One day, his mother explained that there was no money for food, so Richmond was sent onto the streets to fend for himself and his younger sister.

But God Made a Way

church in Uganda

A church nearby heard about the family’s need and registered Richmond into their Compassion project. Richmond soon received news that he had been sponsored by 15-year-old Heather.

I cannot find the words to describe the joy that filled our home when we got the news. -  Richmond explains with a smile.

Through the generous donations of a sponsor, just like you, Richmond Wandera’s life was changed for the better.

Each charitable donation that a Compassion sponsor generously gives is much more than money.

Silencing Poverty in the Life of a Child

And what does Compassion replace that voice with?

The voice of hope. And the gift of God’s love in action in a world that needs it – the perfect love that casts out all fear, especially for young children in poverty like Richmond.

Child with heart

At Compassion, we believe that God takes the acts of generosity of our sponsors, and He multiplies them to bring change and breakthrough in the lives of children trapped in poverty.

Richmond Wandera’s story is one example of this miracle in action.

Miracle in Action

When you become a sponsor, you are a vital part of this transformation. Your charitable donations are the catalyst for making a tangible, practical difference in the life of your child — their health, their education, their wellbeing, their community, and their future.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the donations you make to charity at work, and if you’ve wanted to know if your money really makes a difference, we invite you to watch Richmond’s story now.

You will discover for yourself how sponsors, like you, can really change the world, for the better, one child at a time.

Richmond’s is just one story.

But it’s also a story of how, when you change one life, you begin to change the world.

From Hopeless to Having a Vision

Richmond thrived in the Compassion Child Sponsorship Programme. Then, in 2001 Richmond’s family received another piece of good news.

Thanks to Compassion, Richmond was given the opportunity to attend university.

Richmond Wandera church

With excitement in his voice, Richmond confesses, “The possibility of joining the university was a positive testimony that impacted my mother so much that she made a commitment to the Lord.”

Richmond went on to study for a Masters in the United States, where he received a vision to strengthen the African church.

On his return home, he set up the Pastors Discipleship Network, a programme that trains, strengthens and equips pastors throughout Africa.

Richmond is an example of a child who started facing hopelessness, that with one small act of kindness, turned into a man with a powerful and God-driven vision.

The Ripples of One Powerful Action

As a child, Richmond had so much potential, but poverty threatened to rob the world of his God-given gifts.

The ripples of Heather’s decision to sponsor a child are still travelling across Uganda and wider Africa.

We praise God for the blessings Richmond provides and are so happy that we can say that we and many others across the UK, Uganda and wider Africa now know his name!

Help to silence the voice of poverty for other children like Richmond and sponsor a child with Compassion today:

Creating Stories of Grace, One Step At a Time

“Meeting Richmond Wandera was one of those moments in life that I’ll never forget. His story of survival, and grace is extraordinary”, says Justin Dowds, CEO of Compassion UK.

Justin Dowds Compassion UK CEO

“In fact, seeing how Compassion changes the lives of so many children, and helps them take daily steps out of poverty towards a brighter future, is one of the main reasons I work for Compassion.

"I have been truly blessed to witness first-hand the powerful work that God is doing in the lives of children across the world; children just like Richmond, who hear the voice of poverty speaking to them every day, telling them they are nothing.

“Simply put: I had to do something. And you can too.”

Help to silence the voice of poverty for other children like Richmond and sponsor a child with Compassion today:

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