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Prayers of Encouragement Written by You, Our Supporters

Together we’re rising as one in prayer.

praying in Ethiopia

We recently invited you to come alongside our incredible church partners around the world. We asked you to stand with them in prayer and lift up the children and families they’re serving, particularly those who have been left in crisis due to Coronavirus.

We’ve been so encouraged by your heartfelt responses.

On behalf of the team here at Compassion UK, thank you. Thank you for standing alongside families facing food shortages, unemployment and lack of healthcare. Thank you for interceding to God on behalf of our partner churches, who’ve been working tirelessly to innovate and adapt in order to keep supporting and empowering children living in extreme poverty.

We’ve shared this post with each of our national offices as a reminder that our hearts and thoughts are with them during this incredibly challenging season.
Together we rise as One Global Church #WeRiseAsOne

Your prayers for Compassion’s partner churches and the children we serve

• May God protect you, bless you, keep you healthy and safe, and give you
strength to overcome all challenges in your life. – Janet

• Father, we know your compassion for those in poverty. We pray that you are with those who are hungry, displaced or grieving. Lord, we ask that you provide abundantly for those that have need, and strengthen our church partners to bless the vulnerable in their communities. We pray that where there is fear, your peace would reign. Amen – Holly

• I pray that our God will supply all your needs according to his riches in
glory by Christ Jesus. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

• To all frontline staff, thank you for your bravery, courage and self-sacrifice that you are displaying to the many families and sponsored children globally. – Doreen

• Father God, I pray that children in poverty would know your presence. May you protect children from loneliness and social deprivation. Amen – Helder

• God, in these difficult times, we find ourselves sharing with our sponsor children, the journey through Coronavirus - yet we’re so aware that they bear such great additional challenges. God, we know you are sovereign and ask your protection and intervention for those suffering. We ask you to be with staff of Compassion centres - give them wisdom as they navigate through this season. In Jesus name. Amen. – Tom Elliot, Compassion UK Ambassador

• Dear Lord, I pray for every single child who is supported by the Compassion projects. Please protect them and comfort them through these difficult days. May they know you care for them and that they are special to you. Please take away any feelings of fear and anxious thoughts. May they know that the present and future are in your hands. Give them blessings of peace and hope. – Wendy

• Lord protect every child living in extreme poverty right now in lockdown. Open our hearts to invest in those most in need, despite our circumstances. – Phil

• Lord I pray you would bless the work of Compassion UK as they continue even in this difficult season to touch lives of those in greatest need. #WeRiseAsOne – Noel Robinson, Compassion UK Ambassador

• Lord I pray for children in countries with limited health care during this COVID-19 crisis, may they stay safe under your protection.

• Father, I believe you called us into a family to look after each other, and particularly look out for those who are most vulnerable. Help us be the love and answer so many need right now. Keep them safe and teach us to show love in action. In Jesus name. -Talita

• My prayer is that no child will go hungry. For the vulnerable and abused to find shelter. That the devastation of COVID will end. – Olga

• Lord Jesus, I pray for the current COVID-19 situation. I pray for all the children and families who have been affected. You know each individual situation and family. Lord I pray for those situations. Lord I pray for my sponsored child and my family. I pray they are staying as safe as they can at the moment. – Jordan

• Today more than ever, we say, together we pray – Little Flower Co

• Jesus, please protect and bless your children all over the world. Provide, care, nurture and give hope to them right now. Amen – Caleb

• Lord Jesus, will you bring your miraculous healing to those who are suffering. Will you protect the vulnerable and bring peace and comfort to those who are hurting. – Shelley

• Dear God, please bless those who are hungry, sick or anxious. Give them your provision, healing and peace. In Jesus name. Amen – Kat

• Lord, please be close to every family affected by COVID-19 right now. Please protect all the children from additional poverty during this time. As sponsors and believers, please help us to do what we can and hold up these communities in prayer, especially communities which are hit the hardest. Amen – Philippa Hanna, Compassion UK Ambassador

• We’re praying for children and families in poverty impacted by the coronavirus. Our prayers are with the children we’re supporting in Togo – Welcome Church, Woking

• Father God I pray for those living in poverty all over the world and the impact that COVID-19 has had on their lives. Thank you for those who are working on the frontline all over the world in the fight against this disease. I pray for your protection, healing and peace. Amen – Cath

• Father God, please be with those in poverty impacted by the coronavirus. I pray for those in Brazil, Mexico and Peru in particular. Amen – Becca

• Dear Heavenly Father, this morning we continue to pray for those impacted by Covid-19, especially those living in poverty around the world. We pray help will arise from unexpected places, in Jesus name, Amen! – Jacqueline Peart, Compassion UK Ambassador

• Father God, we pray for those in poverty who may be especially hungry or scared at this time. We pray too for Compassion's church partners who are seeking to help them, that you would give them wisdom, strength and resources. Amen – Steph

• Dear God, we pray for all children in poverty, that they may know your love for them and that their lives aren’t too affected by COVID-19. – Tilly, aged 10

• Heavenly Father I bring before you those living in extreme poverty beyond our shores. I pray for those currently forced to choose between clean water to wash their hands or food to eat. For those who have no access to healthcare and those struggling to protect their families in lockdown scenarios. For those fighting locust swarms to those fleeing war. I believe as this breaks your heart, so Lord continue to break my heart for that which breaks yours. Allow your Global Church to rise as one as your hands and feet to the poorest, wherever they may reside. Amen – Justin Dowds, CEO Compassion UK and Ireland

• Lord, your compassion knows no bounds. At this time of fear, pain and suffering, we pray that the world will know your healing and your love. In particular we pray for those children and families already living in poverty; that they will be safely delivered to a time of healing and calm. As we give thanks for those who fight on behalf of all those living in poverty around the world, we put our trust in you Lord. May we all know peace, perfect peace. Amen – Sarah

• Heavenly Father we come before you in the name of Jesus and we bring before you children living in extreme poverty across the face of this earth. Lord we pray in particular for those children who we are blessed to be able to sponsor through Compassion. We bring before you every child living in extreme poverty through no fault of their own. We pray you would have compassion on them and relieve them of their burdens. Father we pray in the name of Jesus that you would eradicate this pandemic. Amen – Paul

• Father we lift up those parents and guardians who right now have lost their jobs and their employment and are finding it so difficult to provide for their families. We pray Lord that you’d have compassion on these children and these families right now. In the name of Jesus. – Linda

• Heavenly Father we praise you and bless your Holy Name. You are a great and mighty God and we declare according to your word that nothing is impossible with you. We bring before you all the needs of the children Almighty God, their need for care, food, clothing, shelter, someone to love them, safe environment, deliverance from fear and especially teaching about the love of Jesus. You Lord have promised in your word that you will provide for all our needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Amen

• We pray especially for children that have experienced any kind of emotional or physical trauma or abuse, or are suffering from diseases. We pray for trained counsellors who will help them through their suffering and we pray for complete healing. We pray thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name. Amen. – Llinos

• Lord keep those in poverty under the shadow of your mercy in this time of uncertainty and distress. Sustain and support those experiencing income loss, comfort all those who are bereaved, protect and provide for those without food and basic essentials. Lord, strengthen all those working as your hands and feet at this time. Amen – Liz

• We had the pleasure of visiting Compassion Nicaragua in 2017 so this is my prayer: Lord we pray for the Compassion projects in Nicaragua, keep them all safe and happy in these virus days. Please give the project leaders great wisdom to determine the best way forward for their children and staff. Amen – Geoff

• Lord Jesus, may our hearts break as yours does when you see your children's suffering. May we be generous in our hearts and minds, in any way we can. We trust in your amazing love. Amen. – Marnie

• Abba Father, thank you for your faithfulness in the lives of those who are in need even more so in this pandemic which as turned the world up side down, you Lord are always working on our behalf in every region. Father we ask in the name of Jesus for every child and their family and community that you would supply all their needs physically emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for the teams of Compassion workers who are your hands and your feet, asking you Lord for protection, wisdom and strength in this season. You are a miracle working God who gives the very best in every area of our lives. May lives be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and may many children and their families come to know the love of Jesus. Amen.

• Dear Lord, Thank you for loving us and dying on the cross that we have life and life in its fullest. Lord, we are so glad that you are sovereign and that You hold the victor's crown in this season. I pray for the families and children in poverty during this season of uncertainty. Lord, may you always provide for them that they will not lack. Lord, we know you are more than able to heal and redeem us from this situation, so we cry out to you and may Your hand of healing be upon the children and their families. Guard their health and guard their path. Lead more people to heed and obey to your instruction to look after those who are not able to support themselves. May we grow as a church community full of compassion, kindness, and encouragement that your name will be praised. In Jesus' name. Amen. – Charlene

• Psalm 91: "He who dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress the one in whom I do trust." Don't look to anyone or anything else for your help or hope
My hope is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth. Amen.

It’s not too late to join in and share your prayer. Simply email us at prayer@compassionuk.org with your short prayer for those living in poverty impacted by COVID-19. 

You can also find out more about how our Coronavirus response is enabling our church partners to go further in providing emergency support in this season. 

Learn more

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