Powering the future in Uganda

In rural Uganda, fewer than 1 in 4 people have access to electricity. But in the Masindi district, this falls to just over 3%. Power the future by helping us install solar panels to benefit 1,325 children.

Imagine a day without power.

In rural Uganda, fewer than 1 in 4 people have access to electricity. But in the Masindi district where Compassion works, this falls to just over 3% of the population.

Power the future by helping us install solar panels to benefit 1,325 children.

A Barrier to Education

For six church-based Compassion projects that rely on temporary generators, power cuts, breakdowns, and expensive energy bills significantly impact the lives of 1,325 children.

It’s hard to study after dark, access vocational skills training or become computer literate without a reliable, cost-effective power source.

Compassion’s staff are also adversely affected, travelling up to 38km to access power and the internet to carry out critical administrative tasks. Additional travel time takes them away from serving the children in their care.

A girl in a classroom in Uganda writing a letter
Access to a brighter future

You can power the future by helping us install solar panels to benefit 1,325 children.

Your funding will enable Compassion to install solar power systems across six church-based Compassion projects in Uganda.

The lives of 1,325 children will be transformed, improving their education and allowing them to enjoy activities at their Compassion project without disruption.

Additionally, Compassion staff will have more time to spend with the children in their care and high electricity costs will be reduced through this clean, renewable energy source.

Donate Now

For one Compassion project:

  • £17 covers the cost of LED bulbs
  • £47 covers the cost of materials to install energy-efficient lighting systems
  • £323 covers the labour cost of installation

A solar panel being installed in Colombia

A story of success: The power of solar

“It was difficult to learn on the computers because the generator was only put on for a few hours,” says Joshua, a Compassion-supported child.

At Ochegen Child Development Centre in Uganda, solar power is transforming learning and project activities for children.

Before the intervention, the local church relied on an electric generator. Between power cuts and the generator breaking down, electricity was intermittent at best, meaning activities at the church-based Compassion project were often cut short.

Thanks to an intervention, a solar power system has been installed, powering a new sound system and computer lab.

This means children like Joshua, who have no computer access at home, can do their homework and learn vital ICT skills at the church without disruption.

The intervention has also changed worship for Compassion project days and Sunday services.

“Project day devotions were not lively without electricity,” shares Joshua. “Now it’s more enjoyable because of the electrical instruments which are used because of the solar power. I am now able to use a microphone to lead other children in worship.”

For Joshua, the intervention has also helped his schoolwork and given him hope for the future.

“There is more time for learning on the computers compared to when we were using the generator. I plan to use the lighting for reading in the evenings, as I live near the [Compassion] project. I will also put more effort into learning computer skills because I can earn a living out of it in the future,” he says excitedly.

“I have learnt that God can do miracles past our own understanding, and we can grow in faith to trust God for bigger achievements and greater success for me and my family.”

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