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“Mummy I am full”

Meet one child who is now healthy.

Sponsored child Nunana and her mum

"I am a mother and a farmer. I come from Volta, Ghana. I have only one child, her name is Nunana. Because our farm is only small, When the crops fail we go hungry. 

Nunana and Rose washing clothes together

My name is Rose. Seven months ago my daughter Nunana was registered into the Compassion programme. She used to be teeny tiny, but now because of Compassion and the nutritious food she is given she is growing very well. Now she is healthy. 

Nunana is no longer going hungry

Nunana used to fall sick. She would have convulsions because she needed to eat. But since she has entered the programme that has never happened again.

She goes to the project and when she comes back she says, “mummy I am full”.

Lunch time at Compassion project

I want my daughter Nunana to be in the project and have a full education because I did not have the chance to have such education. I lost my father at a tender age and then my mum fell sick so I had to stop school. Due to that I am suffering – I can't read or write on my own. I don't want Nunana to have such suffering in her life. 

Nunana is in school. Her class is primary two. 

Sponsored child Nunana in the classroom

At her [Compassion] project Nunana has learnt to be respectful. She loves going to the project – she always comes home and tells me what she has learnt. 

Nunana dancing at her Compassion project

Since her sponsor came into our lives, I have seen so many changes in Nunana. I am so thankful."

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WORDS : Becca Stanley

PHOTOS : Compassion International

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