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Introducing singer-songwriter Chloe Reynolds

Meet our latest ambassador, Chloe Reynolds, and discover why she’s sponsored a child for over half her life.

Chloe Reyno.ds

Gloucester-based singer-songwriter Chloe Reynolds made her musical mark last year, when the lead track from her debut album “Broken Beautiful” topped the UK Christian charts. She has since toured the UK with the likes of Anastacia, Marti Pellow and Lulu.

Inspired by her faith, Chloe combines soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics to share a message of hope and perseverance. She is also passionate about justice and changing children’s lives and has sponsored a child with Compassion for over half her life. We caught up with Chloe Reynolds ahead of her Compassion tour.

Could you tell us how you got into music?

It all started at a young age. I was nine when I sat in the cinema with my dad watching Sister Act 2. There's a song in that film called “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and I thought it was so beautiful! I had to remind myself to breathe. The film captivated me and I knew from then that singing was my thing.

I wrote my first song when I was 15, but it wasn't until my 20s that I started doing this professionally. It's been a long journey with Jesus to gain enough self-worth to believe I was good enough for the job! But it's amazing what Jesus can do, isn't it?

What inspired your latest album “I am Brave”?

Real life, real challenges and a very real God. I wanted to write an album that reflected my journey in trusting God. My hope is that by being honest and real, other people might be able to resonate with my experiences. My heart is to empower and encourage people to hand their everyday situations over to God, and I hope my finished album reflects this.

Do you have a favourite track from the album?

It really depends on what mood I'm in, but I do love Glow. It seems to resonate with a lot of people who silently struggle and reassures them that they are not alone. I've found when I’m brave and make myself vulnerable through my music, it often makes a difference to somebody who is struggling.

You’ve just finished a tour around the UK supporting Lulu, what was that like?

It's been so much fun! Lulu is really lovely. We made each other laugh a lot and she did lovely things to surprise me while we were away. Once she transformed my dressing room into a beautiful haven of fairy lights, fresh flowers and brand new slippers. It made me feel so special. The tour was 43 gigs in 55 days so it's important to feel at home wherever we go. The audiences have all been very welcoming too and I'm looking forward to visiting some of these towns again on the Compassion tour.

Chloe Reynolds

How does your faith influence and shape your music?

Jesus is everything to me. Without him I wouldn't be here, and so it's fair to say he is my biggest musical influence and inspiration. He's done so much for me and I will not hide Him when I sing. He is the reason for all of this.

If my audience leave with only one message I want it to be this: "Jesus is real. He loves you and he can set you free." I pray too that people are empowered and encouraged by my music to keep going and to defy the odds.

What was it like to get to no.1 in the UK Christian chart with “Broken Beautiful”?

That was a dream come true. A totally surreal moment! I had just left a gig and was in the car park when I found out! I announced it on social media and everyone went bananas. It was so lovely that so many people celebrated with me across the internet.

What made you decide to become an Ambassador for Compassion?

It was an incredible privilege to be invited to be an Ambassador for Compassion. I've sponsored a girl in Haiti called Yveda, since the day I was old enough to own a debit card.

It’s been an honour to watch her grow and share our lives through letter writing. She started out as a little girl with low self-esteem and is now a confident 19-year-old with a vision for the future.

More recently we discovered a mutual love of singing and now she writes her own songs. She even organises youth events in her local area, to perform songs she’s written to encourage other teenagers. How wonderful that not only do I get to make a difference to her, but she has also made such a difference to me. For £28 a month you get to change a child’s life and, for me, that’s a no-brainer.

Chloe Reynolds

We are so excited about your upcoming two-week tour with Compassion. What can we expect?

I will be performing two sets of 45 minutes, with songs from my new album, I AM BRAVE, and sharing some favourites from Broken Beautiful too. People will also get the chance to say hello in the interval and find out more about Compassion and why I'm so excited to be working with them.

To help our supporters get to know you, would you answer some quick fire questions? Right now, what are you ...

Reading? Dirty Glory, by Pete Greig
Watching? Stranger Things 2 (I reckon that one will surprise some of you!)
Listening to? Bethel's newest album and Gungor
Working on? My album launch tour for February/March next year
Praying for? Energy and breakthrough
Learning? Learning a lot from Timothy Keller at the moment and reading 2 Corinthians
Thankful for? Music, the gift of song, laughter, friends, clean water, new opportunities, hope, love, a rainbow on the drive down the M6 today...... too much to list!

Chloe Reynolds will be touring with Compassion from 29 November – 9 December. Sign up for tickets today:



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