Happy Mother’s Day from Tanzania

Enjoy 9 inspiring quotes that capture the heart of motherhood.

This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate the women who’ve cared for us, loved us, listened to us, mentored us… whether these were our birth mothers or other women who’ve shared their hearts and lives.

This group of mums live at the foot of Mount Meru in Northern Tanzania. They are part of our Child Survival Programme which helps more than 32,000 mums and babies around the world through mentoring, childbirth assistance, pre- and post-natal check-ups and immunisations.

May their words encourage and inspire you this Mother’s Day.

“A mother is a strong tower in the community. She stands full of strength.”

Through the local church, Compassion brings mums together so they can enjoy friendship and support.

“As mothers, we need to co-operate, work together and love one another. Tumaini likes to play with books and open them, I think she is a child who likes knowing different things.” – Neema & Tumaini  

“When you encourage a mother, you are solving many problems.”

Compassion church partners share the love of Jesus, so mothers feel valued.

“I feel so good being a mum to Jamaal. I like it. Before I was a Christian most of my life was not in order. When I was saved, my household was saved. I also believe that if a mother is wise, life at home is ordered.” – Selina & Jamaal

“A mother is a great army.”

Compassion’s projects aim to empower women to be change-makers in their communities

“Zena loves to laugh. I’m so proud of being a mother. I know I can help other women with raising their children. Anything difficult that comes across a mother, she is able to fight it and overcome.” – Esta & Zena

“A family without a mother finds it difficult to make progress.”

Compassion’s Child Survival interventions recognise how integral mothers are to the well-being of their families.

“I’m proud of being a mother because having a child is a blessing. Evance likes singing and clapping and is a happy child.” – Jackline & Evance

“A mother is the champion of the family. She helps keep the family stable.”

At Compassion, we want to champion the role of women. Your support enables mothers to provide for their families.

“If I had a friend who was a new mother I would advise her to relax and accept that God is in control.” – Winner & Godnester

“I’m not only Queen’s mother, but the mother to other children also.”

Mothers are brought together by the local church to share skills, advice and encouragement.

“At the Compassion project I get to meet with other mothers and we learn to sew and tailor, and improve our cookery skills.”- Caree & Queen

“The child of another mother is also your child. Love her child like your own.”

Our Child Survival Interventions mean mothers do not have to struggle alone, but can be surrounded by people who will love and support them to care for their child.

“If someone who is a mum is struggling I would encourage her to pray. I would also tell her nothing is impossible and I would offer her kind words.”- Lucy & Crispin

Today, we give thanks to the women, past and present, whose guidance and encouragement has made us who we are today. And we want to pray for God’s blessing on the incredible mums in our Child Survival Programme and Child Sponsorship Programme. Happy Mother’s Day!

Ella Dickinson

Words by Ella Dickinson, Corinna Stubbs


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