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Why are you asking me to send a Christmas greeting rather than a Christmas card?

When you send a Christmas greeting online or through the Compassion UK App, it gets printed in our field office in your sponsored child’s country, then sent on to their project to be hand-delivered.

Some of our field offices operate in extremely challenging environments and don't have the technology to print on card. "Greeting" is therefore a more accurate description of what your sponsored child receives. Our new Christmas greetings templates have been specially designed to reflect this – what you see on your screen is exactly what your child will receive.

If you’d like your sponsored child to receive a more traditional Christmas card, you can send one to the Compassion offices. We’ll scan and send it digitally so your child receives it promptly, but we’ll also send on the original card. Please do write both your Compassion reference number and your child’s reference number on the card. Thank you for your heart for encouraging your sponsored child this Christmas time!