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Can I send a physical gift to my sponsored child?

Children love receiving gifts from their sponsors, but we've put a few guidelines in place to make sure your gift gets to your child. You can send on flat paper gifts, no larger than A4 in size with your letters. You can send:

  • postcards
  • photographs
  • paper stickers
  • small note books
  • small books
  • maps
  • posters (folded)
  • small calendars
  • drawings or paintings

Unfortunately, due to customs restrictions, we are not able to send on any items that don’t meet these criteria, however small they may be. Regrettably, we are not able to return any items that we can’t send on either.  

Sending financial gifts

A great way to really bless your sponsored child and their family is by sending a financial gift, which they can then use to purchase something they really need. This has the added benefit of putting money into the local economy too. Financial gift options:

  • Individual Gifts between £8 and £75 can be sent to your sponsored child. Two individual gifts can be sent per calendar year, up to a maximum of £150. The project staff will use the money you send to buy a suitable gift for your child. See the difference a gift made to Mwikali from Kenya
  • Family Gifts between £20 and an annual maximum of £750 can be sent to the family of your sponsored child. Project staff will help the family to use the money wisely.
  • Project Gifts between £80 and an annual maximum of £1,500 per year can be sent to the project your child attends. Staff at the project will use this money for the most pressing needs they have.
  • Graduation Gifts between £7 and £1,500 can be sent to your child during their final year in the Child Sponsorship Programme.


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