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5 Easy Ways to Volunteer For 5 Minutes

Discover how you could change a child’s future.

volunteer for five minutes

Only got five minutes to make a difference to children in poverty? Five minutes is all it takes. Chatting, writing, sharing on social media – there are plenty of ways to give a little bit of time to change a child’s future.

Volunteering with Compassion doesn’t have to mean a huge commitment. See which of these quick and easy ideas appeal to you most. Be inspired by others who have given up a tiny bit of their time to make a huge difference.

1. Tell one friend about Compassion

Next time you’re catching up, how about sharing your experience of Compassion with a friend? Tell stories about the child you sponsor. Who knows what you’ll inspire your friend to do?

“I feel fulfilled” – Eleanor, London

Eleanor Compassion volunteering

“I’ve been sponsoring a child, a little girl in Bolivia, for about three years now.

“I feel that investing money in children is quite important because it’s transforming their lives. But I also remember that the Bible says you should go for the second mile. So, as well as investing money, I feel that I should invest my time as well. I feel like this is a little grain of sand to invest in the Lord’s vineyard.

“When I see a child sponsored I feel so happy. When I share my experiences with people to try and get a new sponsor and when I find someone who says, ‘Yes, I will do that!’ it’s just so amazing. I feel so fulfilled and so happy with that.”

2. Write a letter

A short letter to your local newspaper or church magazine is a quick way to inspire others. Write about what child sponsorship with Compassion means to you. People love to read personal stories of hope.

“It was simple!” – Sally, Hitchin

Compassion is an amazing organisation. When I visited my sponsored child, Kimei in Uganda, it brought home how much of a difference one person or family can make in the life of not only a child, but in their family and community - the ripples can go out far and wide!

“When I returned home, the Compassion team made it really easy for me to put a good article in the paper. Ours was almost a full page and lots of people saw it - I just answered the questions sent by Compassion, sent a photo, and they put it all together and contacted the paper - It was simple and not at all scary!”

3. Read a child profile and pray

Find out more about the children who are currently looking for sponsorship. Read a child profile or two and pray that each child would find the right sponsor. Choose a profile to share on social media. Perhaps the new sponsor will be someone you know?

“It’s so exciting to be part of this” – Angela, Doncaster

Meeting mothers from the Child Survival Programme

“I've been volunteering since May 2015 when I went out to Uganda to meet our sponsored child, Joselyn. I really love volunteering because I want to share the passion I caught then ...
“One of my volunteering highlights was at Christmas ... I shared a [child's] profile on my Facebook page and within minutes that child had received a sponsor. A friend of mine, who hardly ever goes on Facebook, just happened to be on that night and saw the child … the timing was just perfect and I know that child's life will be changed. This work is life-changing and it's so exciting to be part of it.”

4. Share a blog from our website

Find a story that inspires you and share it with your social network. Check out these five stories you can share – warning, they’re tearjerkers!

  • Thanks to the love and care of his Compassion project, Ebenezer was rescued from slavery on Lake Volta. Find out how a Compassion sponsor made all the difference for this vulnerable boy from Ghana.
  • Read and share 5 remarkable stories of broken families restored thanks to Compassion’s partnership with local churches around the world. Meet the boy who led his father to church.
  • Grace was born without legs and with only one developed arm. Discover her incredible story of overcoming disability. Read how Grace's local church, family and Compassion sponsor have worked together to help her thrive!
  • Read and share Victor’s powerful story of how his sponsor’s letters encouraged him during a crisis.
  • When Angelyn’s family fell apart, the weight of responsibility fell on her young shoulders. Watch and share Angelyn’s remarkable testimony. When she made the shocking discovery that her father was a drug dealer, praise God she could turn to her sponsor and Compassion project.

You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to make it easy to share stories.

5. Sign up

If you have more than five minutes, why not sign up to volunteer at an event. See what’s happening near you. We have a host of exciting summer events!

“I’ve learnt skills and grown in my faith” – Megan, Cornwall

Megan Compassion volunteering

“I became a Compassion volunteer because I wanted to empower young people to do things and achieve things.

“I’ve had some of the most fun times volunteering with Compassion and met some of the most amazing people. You have an incredible opportunity to do something amazing by getting the word of Compassion out there, helping children be released from poverty. I’ve also grown in my faith enormously by doing it.

“I’ve loved going to HTB Focus and working in the Compassion café – I’ve even learnt new skills. It’s amazing having access to festivals and meeting new people.” Megan, Cornwall”

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