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Fashion and Compassion

Storm model Charlotte Maslin tells us why she’s a Compassion sponsor.

Charlotte Masiln

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family

I’m one of four birth children in addition to two foster siblings.  I'm studying in Bournemouth at the moment and planning to move to London full time in September next year after my wedding in August. I’m an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation which works in wildlife conservation and Compassion UK. I am also a model with Storm Model Management.

Tell us a bit about your job as a model

Storm © represents models like Kate Moss and Cara Delavigne. I have loved the experience of working with them, it’s been great being able to learn from this diverse world. It's been amazing to see the very different interpretations each photographer makes on the images they produce.

Sometimes the jobs can be challenging, especially being young when I’m working with people who are much more experienced.  I have learnt to be confident in saying what I will and won’t participate in.

I really like being able to use my experience to contribute to valuable projects like Compassion’s event, Fashion with Compassion, earlier this year.

How do you see your Christian walk as being connected to living it out in the world around you?

We live in a privileged place here the UK.  We have so many opportunities and freedoms.  It is a responsibility to consider how I can share the things I take for granted.

Whether it’s in this country or abroad, it’s good to think about how we can help people reach their God-given potential. It might be through education, supporting healthcare systems, social justice or encouraging people in their faith. 

We know that when women and girls have access to primary education, their children are much less likely to die under the age of 5. We know education will not only impact them but their families and communities.

What do you believe children need to reach their God-given potential?

They need support and encouragement. They need the chance to say what they think, to be free to explore and learn. They need to feel nurtured and valued - if they feel valued they’ll be encouraged and hopefully become confident individuals.

Tell us about your sponsored children. What does sponsoring them mean to you?

We sponsor 2 children. Suleiman is 15 years old and he’s from Uganda. Konstant is 8 years old and he’s from Indonesia.

It is great to connect with real people, living real lives in different situations to ourselves. Hopefully through the friendship and support they will receive, they will feel valued and encouraged. I hope their time in the Compassion programme transforms their lives, the lives of their families and their communities.

Charlotte Maslin

What are your hopes and dreams for Suleiman and Konstant?

My hope is that they are nurtured by the people around them and encouraged to grow in their faith. I want them to have what they need, and never feel like they are not important or that they can’t succeed in life. I hope they can have amazing lives and impact positively on their communities and the world too.

What would you say to someone wondering whether or not to sponsor?

Just do it! Sponsorship is a connection; it’s an opportunity to give what you can and connect with someone in a special way. You might be giving up buying another pair of shoes but you’re paying for someone’s basic human necessities, you’re not paying for their luxury. 

When has someone said something to you that has really encouraged you in your hopes and dreams?

This week! It’s a small example but I had my driving Theory Test – I studied for it and passed it within a week – people around me told me that they knew I could do it, so I think that helped massively - and I did pass!

Why do you think it’s important to encourage children?

Simply, they need to feel valued and loved. I believe that if children feel they are supported to do well, it’s likely they will!


Charlotte lives in central London with her husband Joel. Together they are involved in the work of Hants and Dorset Christian Youth Camps where they met. Charlotte enjoys hospitality and Joel enjoys being active in the worship group. Charlotte is also active on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Charlotte has recently published her first book, The Beginner's Guide to Modelling

WORDS : Charlotte Maslin Knight

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