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sponsor a child


Sponsor a child
in poverty

Poverty is a thief. It robs children of the right to grow up strong and healthy. It steals their time to play and denies them the chance to sit in a classroom and learn.

But you can change this. Sponsor a child with Compassion and bring them hope. Bring good news to a child who has been waiting many months for a sponsor. 


Compassion child sponsorship works

Independent research shows that Compassion-sponsored children are more likely to be employed as adults, and leaders in their communities and churches. Sponsor a child today with one of the UK’s leading Christian charities. Be inspired by how child sponsorship changes lives:



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The Compassion difference

Compassion UK is a Christian charity passionate about empowering all children to overcome the obstacles poverty puts in their way. Our approach to fighting poverty is highly focused and personal. It’s summed up in three simple words: Compassion for children. We show every child they matter, linking them with one sponsor whose support gives them a hope and a future.  

christ centred


As a Christian charity, we’re responding to God’s call to care for the poor. Whilst Christ’s love motivates us, we help children and families in poverty from all backgrounds regardless of belief. 

child focused


We make sure children in poverty are known, loved and protected.

church based


We run our child sponsorship programme in partnership with local churches because they understand their communities better than anyone. 

For just 83p per day


Sponsor a child today

Sponsor a child