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Water Interventions

Compassion partners with thousands of local churches to bring safe water and improved sanitation to the children in our care. Our Water and Sanitation Fund provides access to safe water through boreholes, wells and rainwater catchment systems, safe and hygienic toilet facilities, and hygiene training to minimise health risks.

The reality...

  • 2.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water.
  • 946 million people still use unimproved sanitation facilities, practising open defecation.
  • On average, women and children around the world spend 200 million hours every day collecting water.

With your help we can...

  • Build life saving wells and water tanks for Compassion-assisted children, their families and their communities.
  • Construct toilet blocks and give children, especially girls, the facilities and privacy they need.
  • Keep children in the classroom by removing the need for them to collect water.

Help children like Nyabwiri

In Tanzania, unsafe water is the only water option for many families. That water threatens to steal the life of children like Nyabwiri and her family.

After school, Nyabwiri would go to a stream to fill jugs and buckets with the unsafe water and walk home. The buckets could weight about 13kg. The water would be used for drinking, cooking and washing. Compassion partners and donors put in wells and latrines in her community, giving families safe water and giving children more time for education and play.

Today, Nyabwiri is healthy and attending school regularly. She hopes to be a nurse when she grows up.

Provide clean drinking water

Whether you give clean water to children in Africa, Asia or South America, you can bring help to those in critical need. Enable Compassion’s church partners to protect children from deadly diseases such as cholera, typhoid and hepatitis.

The community used to use contaminated water and those who needed clean water had to travel an average distance of three kilometres. But with the new water project, life has changed.

Kemigisa, project worker

We are very grateful for the love you have shown through this intervention. It has brought great change in terms of the distance needed to access water. You have shown us that true love goes far beyond borders.

Bakekyria, Uganda

Discover how Compassion has brought safe water to one church and community in Rwanda.

"The cases of children suffering stomach worms were high. But now we have no cases of worms. We have no cases of cholera, we have no cases of dysentery."

Why choose Compassion as your water charity?

Compassion has been a trusted charity since 1952. Over the last five years, donations to our Water Fund have enabled us to construct 22 clean water sources, build 54 toilet blocks and distribute 10,156 water filters. All our Water interventions are run in partnership with our church partners who know the needs of their communities inside out and are there to provide long-term support.

I didn’t know how to use the bathroom because we don’t have one at home.

Remberto, whose project received a new toilet block

Before the intervention, I used a very dirty toilet. I never bathed at the project. It was difficult to keep my personal hygiene. Also, the former latrine had no door and only two rooms, it was not suitable to use at all. Now, I can use the latrine and shower regularly and enjoy the clean environment.

Nesredin, Ethiopia

Make a difference

Donate to a water project today and together we can make a difference to children being denied their most basic needs.
Your donation of £25 could provide a child with access to a clean toilet.
Your donation of £25 could provide a child with access to a clean toilet.
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The difference you have made

Over the last five years UK donors have had a meaningful impact on the lives of more than 235,612 people.


Given to fund Interventions


Mosquito nets distributed


Babies given a better start


Toilet blocks constructed


Taught income – generating skills


Children and caregivers trained in child protection

Give with confidence

At Compassion, your donation is used wisely to the greatest benefit to children in poverty.

A minimum of 80 percent of donations to Compassion UK is used to directly support the development and delivery of interventions.

The remaining 20 percent is used to inform and update donors and facilitate support for their chosen intervention or fund Compassion UK activities to support more interventions and children.

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