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Stability Interventions

Compassion’s church partners know their communities inside out and are uniquely positioned to respond to disasters. Our Stability Interventions provide relief, supplies and shelter in the aftermath of a disaster. They also provide new homes and kitchens for families in poverty and resources for Compassion’s church partners to launch new projects in poverty-stricken areas. 

The reality...

  • Every year natural disasters kill around 90,000 people and affect close to 160 million people worldwide.
  • Nearly 2 million people in developing countries die from indoor air pollution caused by the burning of biomass and coal in leaky and inefficient household stoves.
  • In 2017, 192.7 million people globally were trapped in unemployment.

With your help we can...

  • Provide families impacted by crises with emergency shelter, medical supplies, food and water.
  • Build housing for families battling extreme poverty and give children a secure, safe home.
  • Empower parents in poverty by giving them access to income generation training and microfinance programmes.

You can provide for mums like Almaz

“Bereket, my last born, was not even one year old, when my husband left home,” explains Almaz. “I knew he was not happy and was constantly complaining about the hardship but I never suspected that he would leave. I felt as if I was sinking. To make matters worse, my landlord evicted me saying the children were making too much noise. They were crying every day because I had nothing to give them.

“An old man told me the swine manger is the only space he had. I agreed to pay the 100 birr monthly rent. Even though he told me the condition of the place, I didn’t want my children to sleep on the streets. When I went there, the manger was recently evacuated and the floor was covered in dirt and there were all kinds of pests. I didn’t have any mattress so we slept on a plastic rug. The manger had no door.

“I had no sleep at night because of the sound of wild animals around the house. The walls were half-covered with plastic rugs and the rest seemed like it would collapse anytime. I lay my children on the mattress closer to the wall and I would sleep last thinking I would be like a buffer for them in case a hyena forced the door open or pushed the already giving corrugated iron sheet wall. I was always ready to protect my children from the attack of wild animals. I daily reminded God that I’m His child and He shouldn’t let anything happen to me or my children for the sake of His name.”

Because of the urgency of Almaz’s need, her local Compassion project was able to use funds from Stability Interventions to provide immediate support. They used funds to renovate their house, as well as offering training and a micro-finance loan to enable Almaz to set up a vegetable trading business.

“God was faithful to protect me,” reflects Almaz.

Powerful testimonials from families given stability

You don’t just need to take our word for it, these are just some of the families who’ve been given security thanks to the generosity of supporters like you. 

Now my life is beautiful because thanks to God and my sponsor I have my own house.

Marvin, who received a new home thanks to Stability Interventions

I felt happy and grateful because I really needed this help

Jesica, who received support following the 2016 Ecuador earthquake

Sometimes I feel that I am dreaming. I am not used to receiving so much attention. I pray for God’s blessing for all the people who are showing so much love to me and my children. Now I do not have any worry when night falls or when the rain comes because we have a proper house. I am so grateful to all who made it possible.

Comfort, Ghana

Discover how your donations enabled us to respond after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti

"It means a lot that you are willing to support us."

Why choose Compassion when disaster strikes?

Compassion has been a trusted charity since 1952. Over the last five years, donations to our Stability Fund have enabled us to construct 22 new homes. All our Stability interventions are run in partnership with local churches who know the needs of their communities inside out and are there to provide long-term support.

We believe that the work of Compassion worldwide is Jesus’ love in action, and whilst he does not expect us to fix the whole world, he does expect us to do what we can. So, whilst we cannot fix the whole of Haiti’s problems, we are excited and blessed to be involved in helping build new homes for two families.

Drs Anthony and Alison

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Your donation of £10 could provide children with emergency blankets and food in a disaster.
Your donation of £10 could provide children with emergency blankets and food in a disaster.
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The difference you have made

Over the last five years UK donors have had a meaningful impact on the lives of more than 235,612 people.


Given to fund Interventions


Mosquito nets distributed


Babies given a better start


Toilet blocks constructed


Taught income – generating skills


Children and caregivers trained in child protection

Give with confidence

At Compassion, your donation is used wisely to the greatest benefit to children in poverty.

A minimum of 80 percent of donations to Compassion UK is used to directly support the development and delivery of interventions.

The remaining 20 percent is used to inform and update donors and facilitate support for their chosen intervention or fund Compassion UK activities to support more interventions and children.

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