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To help you as you reflect for Lent 2019, we’ve partnered with singer-songwriter Philippa Hanna to offer you a series of beautiful free Lenten devotions. Every day during Lent we’re sharing a Lenten reflection from Philippa’s new devotional book ‘Amazing You ‘ with accompanying Bible verse and Lent prayers.

Lent is such a special season. It’s a time to take a break from the busyness of life and reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness. I hope these devotions and lent prayers from ‘Amazing You’ help you grow in your relationship with God.

Philippa Hanna

Lent Calendar 2019

April 21

You’re Not Bound By This World

April 20

Keep An Eye On The Dashboard

April 19

Ask For Prayer

April 18

Ask For Help

April 17

Don’t Compare Fires

April 16

Describe Yourself On A Good Day

April 15

Being Refined, Part Two

April 14

Being Refined, Part One

April 13

The Wonderful Counsellor

April 12

Deal With Anxiety

April 11

Don’t Let Sadness Sink In

April 10

One Day At A Time

April 9

Beware Negativity

April 8

Capture Beauty

April 7

Editing, Part One

April 6

There’s No Easy Life

April 5

Seek Joy

April 4

Keep It Real

April 3

Do What You Love

April 2

What You Need Is Right There

April 1

Say Thank You

March 31

Failure Isn’t Final

March 30

Failure Gives Us Space

March 29

Failure Is Out Of Our Control

March 28

Failure Is A Full Backpack

March 27

Failure Is Discovery

March 26

Fail Well

March 25

Seasons Of Failure

March 24

Keep Sowing

March 23

Everybody Hurts

March 22

Choose Good Heroes

March 21

Better, Not Bitter

March 20

Keep A Prayer Journal

March 19

Have Fun On The Journey

March 18

Don’t Pout

March 17

Do Less, Be More

March 16

The Darkest Hour Is before The Dawn

March 15

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

March 14

Be Careful What You Call A Bad Day

March 13

Thank God For Closed Doors

March 12

Mining For Gems

March 11

Recommit Your Plans To God

March 10

Your Efforts Aren’t A Waste

March 9

Climb For The View

March 8

Count Your Blessings

March 7

Hold Out For Something Better

March 6

Let Those Tears Fall

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Find out more about Philippa Hanna

We're so thankful to Philippa Hanna for letting us share the devotions from her year-long devotional book, 'Amazing You'.

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