Jean’s Story: “My Life is an Extraordinary Thing”

From a childhood with no clean drinking water, to running his own business, Jean gives thanks for God's blessing in his life - through his church and Compassion sponsor.

“No safe drinking water, no electricity, no employment opportunities. One could say it would be very difficult to function in these conditions,” says Jean Noe Sejour, describing the small, remote mountain community he was born into in Haiti.

Everyday life was fraught with challenges for Jean and his family. How to earn enough money to live, how to put food on the table, how to find clean water to drink and to wash. But Compassion stepped in. Providing support for Jean, including taking care of his education.

“These benefits were all provided for by Compassion. The difference that Compassion made was that the school fees and tuition were paid, and also the schoolbooks and uniforms were free of charge,” says Jean.


The difference that Compassion made

“This was a great relief for my parents. We no longer had that concern to wonder how one could afford the schoolbooks, and all that went along with that. It was simply that the school was open and we could get up and go to school.  There were no worries or concerns for either the children or the parents,” says Jean.

Haitian school children “In everyone’s life, education is number one. If I am where I am today, it is because of my education. If you all are here today it is a direct result of your education. Technically, education is universal and essential for all.  To develop a country or a community, you need people who have an education; people who are capable of having a good understanding of things.”

“This was extremely important for me but also for all the children who found themselves in the same situation as myself at the time to receive the benefits of the Compassion programme, which helped significantly. It was a great solace and relief for the community.”  

Childhood dream fulfilled

Later in his life, Jean had the opportunity to meet his Compassion sponsor in person. His sponsor gave him a gift, and he is still feeling the benefits of that generosity today.

A young man with a goat
‘‘He gifted me 25 Gourde [Haitian currency],’’ says Jean. ‘‘With these 25 Gourde, I used it but I did not spend it with any food items. I bought a goat. With this goat, it produced and multiplied so much and God blessed through all of this so much. I had about a dozen goats at least after all this.’’


Jean tells his story“Now, I sponsor a child with Compassion myself. Since Compassion made such a difference in my own life, I know that if I am able to do the same for someone else, I know that it could change their lives as well.”

“Compassion was the full package – you have all you need not only spiritually but also intellectually. Intellectually and spiritually, both journey together in the Compassion programme.”

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