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As a child sponsor you’re bringing hope into the darkest situations. Be uplifted by this short video showing the difference you’re making.

In partnership with The Sister Table and Great British Bake Off’s Benjamina Ebuehi, Compassion UK is excited to launch an initiative to bring vital protection and education to girls in Brazil. 


Recent research found that Brazil is the worst place in South America to be a girl. With high rates of teenage pregnancy and child marriage, many young women in poverty are deprived of an education. One study among 20–24 year olds found that 11 per cent are married by the age of 15.

‘Empowered to thrive’ will see every young woman aged 12–20 in Compassion’s Brazilian church-based projects given a handbook covering topics such as women’s health, self-esteem and employment.

The books are being developed by programme staff in partnership with child development experts, including psychologists and education professionals. Each book costs just £2 to produce and distribute, and we’re aiming to raise enough to ensure all 9,800 girls in Compassion’s Brazilian projects can receive a copy.


Donate today and protect girls



“Through supporting Compassion, I’ve seen first-hand the way children’s lives can be totally transformed when they are shown love, care and hope for their future.

“I’m delighted to support this fantastic new project, and look forward to hearing stories of many young women being equipped with the skills they need to break free from the cycle of poverty for themselves.” Benjamina Ebuehi, co-founder of The Sister Table and Great British Bake Off quarter finalist 2016 


The Sister Table women's empowerment

“Each girl has a different story, but they all find something common among them, whether it’s an abuse experience, or the mother who got pregnant very young, or parents who didn’t have education opportunity.”

“We can already see the [results] of what we discuss in the new generations, they’re more conscious and willing to fight for something different. The development of a new [Handbook] material created by Compassion would be a very significant milestone in all we already have done and a great opportunity to encourage other Compassion projects to approach these issues.” Virgina Silva, Compassion project director (far left)

girls empowerment in brazil

“The home where I was born never gave me the basis for a decent future. So being in the [Compassion] project helps me to grasp thinking and question the world around me. I want a different future for me.”

“I want to be a cop but many people never think I’ll be able to because I’m a woman. I want to … show that we also have value and we can also go far. “

“The family where I was born never gave me the basis to be someone in life. I know that if it wasn’t for the Compassion project I would have a very different fate than I have today. I want to fight and prove that we, women, also have value, that we also can reach far” 17-year-old Juliana


We’re right with you in thinking it’s an injustice that poverty deprives girls of education and leaves them vulnerable to early child marriage. You can help stop this by donating to ‘Empowered to thrive’ today.


You can also text EMPOWER to 70140 to donate £4 which provides two handbooks.

Text costs donation amount of £4 plus standard network charges. Compassion UK receives 100% of your donation. Please obtain bill payer’s permission before texting . Customer care is available on 01932 836 490. Registered charity in England and Wales (1077216) and Scotland (SC045059).

Thirteen-year-old Odupoi dreams of becoming a newscaster and using his voice to share stories all over the world. He’s able to dream big thanks to his sponsor and the support of his local church-based Compassion project.

As you listen, why not explore Odupoi’s community in the Maasai Mara by scrolling through these beautiful photos.


Maasai Mara Kenya

upoi, dressed in a traditional red Shuka clot

Odupoi in Kenya

side Odupoi’s home. Homes in his community are traditionally made from mud, twigs, animal dung and gras

Life in Maasai Mara

upoi herding cattl

child in Maasai Mara

e goats after milking standing behind Odupoi’s hous

Kenyan home

upoi leaving for school. Education in Kenya is fairly expensive and is a big strain for most families, especially those living below the universal poverty line of $ 1.90 a da

upoi in class. In Kenya the typical school year runs from January to Novembe

sponsored child Kenya

ttle play an important role in Maasai life. Oduopi cares for his animals by leading them to the water trough in his villag

Thank you for inspiring and supporting children like Odupoi to dream big.

Each day poverty lies to children, telling them their worthless, they don’t matter, and no one hears their voice. Thanks to your support, children not only receive life-changing benefits, they also receive encouragement and life-affirming words that fill them with hope.

You can use your voice and pray into the lives of children today. Join us in lifting their hopes and dreams and all that God has got planned for them.

Pray for children like Odupoi

Compassion International believes that children should be known, loved and protected. We believe the protection of children is central to God’s heart for them.

As an expression of that belief, Compassion places the love, care and protection of children above all other considerations. Because children living in extreme poverty are among the most vulnerable in the world, Compassion International, its board of directors, global partners and implementing church partners have established clear policies that are designed to promote the safety and protection of every child in our programme.

Key Beliefs:

Compassion’s approach to and philosophy for child protection is based on the following strongly held convictions:

  • No violence against children is justifiable, and all violence against children is preventable.
  • Children are valuable to God, are uniquely created individuals and are worthy of dignity and respect.
  • It is everyone’s job to protect children.
  • Everyone involved in the protection of children should always act in the best interests of children and be held accountable if they do not.
  • Children are both vulnerable and strong. We view children as active contributors to their own protection. Children must be empowered to fully engage in the work of child protection — their own protection and the protection of their peers. At the same time, children must be protected and cared for by the adults in their lives.
  • Sponsors have a responsibility to protect children.
  • Government authorities have a role to play in the protection of children from maltreatment, and to respond if children are harmed. Compassion promotes local legal systems and local authorities as the most appropriate legal outlets for redress of criminal cases of child abuse, exploitation and neglect, while also recognising that parents and partners play a critical supportive role in these efforts.

Group of smiling children


How Compassion Protects Children

Our approach to child protection begins with preventing abuse whenever possible. When a child is abused, we intervene quickly and seek to provide restoration and healing to children impacted by abuse and alerting the relevant local authorities. Finally, Compassion believes in empowering children to be active agents in their own protection and advocacy.

To accomplish these goals, Compassion provides:

  • Age-appropriate child protection curriculum for all beneficiaries.
  • Training for caregivers in child protection and abuse prevention.
  • Training for staff members, leaders and volunteers at the church partner in child protection, safe practices and responding quickly and appropriately to incidents of abuse.
  • Training and accountability through Compassion’s global “Code of Conduct” regarding children.
  • Background checks on anyone coming into contact with children including employees and supporters who visit their sponsored children.

Your Role as a Sponsor in Protecting Children from Abuse

As a sponsor, you are part of Compassion’s movement to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. You are part of a community of advocates who believe in the example set forth by Jesus.

Jesus demanded that His disciples protect children. In Matthew 18:6, the Bible is unwaveringly clear in God’s mandate to protect children: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a huge millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” God takes the protection of children seriously!

If your child says something in a letter that makes you feel abuse is happening or likely to happen, we encourage you to talk to one of our Supporter Experience team on 01932 836490 or contact us via email at info@compassionuk.org.

You, your child’s family, our church partners and Compassion staff work together to form a safety net for your sponsored child.

Visiting Your Sponsored Child

We require a background check for everyone 18 and older who interacts with any Compassion-assisted beneficiary, specifically on trips to visit their children. This applies to all visitors universally, including donors, sponsors, artists and speakers — before you’ve gone on a trip.

Our child protection policy guides interactions between sponsors and children occurring on our group trips or individual custom visits. Any visitor who will interact with Compassion-assisted children must have approved arrangements through Compassion, country offices and projects will not accept unapproved visitors.

This helps to protect the children in the Compassion projects from potential abuse as well as protect visitors from any wrongful allegations.

All visitors must sign Compassion’s child protection policy and agree to abide by it before a custom visit can be arranged, or when participating in a group trip. Compassion reserves the right to deny a visit request that would not be in the best interest of the child.

Sponsors who meet their sponsored children on a trip or visit are in the unique position of directly communicating with their children. A sponsor will never be left alone with a sponsored child.

In this situation it’s normal to want to share personal contact information, or to request such information from the child or the child’s family. However, any direct communication not facilitated by us could potentially expose the children or sponsors to unnecessary risk. As a result, personal contact information cannot be exchanged.


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It costs just £25 a month to sponsor a child. Your sponsorship will bring hope to a child living in desperate poverty.

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