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Waiting for 14 months

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Got questions? Call our friendly team on 01932 836490. Our current opening hours are Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5pm.

Please leave a voicemail if you'd like a call back outside of this.

See how child sponsorship can change one life

See how child sponsorship can change one life

As a child, poverty began to speak to me, I felt I was nothing, that I didn't matter ... nobody cared to know my name" I got the news that a young lady, Heather, she was just 15 years old, a teenager, she had decided to sponsor me. I cannot find the words to describe the joy that filled our home. 'Richmond you've got a sponsor, you can now go to school.'

Why child sponsorship means more now than ever before

For just £28 a month you'll sponsor a child directly. Your child sponsorship will ...

Provide your sponsored child with urgent necessities such as food, water and shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect your sponsored child and their family to the support of a local church.

Bring real and lasting change to your sponsored child. Once restrictions lift, they will benefit from the longstanding project-based Compassion programme.

Why choose Compassion UK for sponsoring a child?

Compassion child sponsorship works

The longstanding project-based, child development programme you’ll give your sponsored child access to in the future is highly effective.

Dr Bruce Wydick, Journal of Political Economy

Independent research into the project-based programme shows Compassion-sponsored children stay in school longer and are more likely to grow up to be employed and become leaders in their churches and communities.

14-18% more likely to have salaried employment as adults.

30-75% more likely to become leaders in their communities.

27-40% more likely to finish their secondary education.

Excellent stewardship

Compassion is committed to excellent stewardship and is registered with the Fundraising Regulator. We conduct regular internal and external audits in our field offices and in the UK.

81p directly benefitting children in poverty
7p support costs

In the financial year 18/19, for every pound given in child sponsorship donations:

88p spent on charitable activities

12p spent on fundraising and finding the next sponsor

68 years’ experience advocating for children

Compassion has been trusted charity since 1952.

Direct one-to-one child sponsorship

The child you choose to sponsor today will directly receive the benefit of your sponsorship support.


We run our child sponsorship programme exclusively in partnership with local churches who fully understand their local communities.

What will your sponsorship donations actually change?

During the COVID-19 crisis your sponsorship will:

  • Provide urgent necessities to your sponsored child and their wider family. These include food, clean water, shelter, clothing, household items, and even medical care and trauma counselling.
  • Be a crucial safety net. If your sponsored child or their family need extra help during this crisis, local church-based staff will work to provide support.

Once COVID-19 restrictions lift in their local context, your sponsored child will benefit from the longstanding project-based Compassion programme.

Once our project-based programme can resume, you'll provide your sponsored child with:

  • School uniforms and resources.
  • Medical check-ups and nutritional meals.
  • Vocational training to equip them for the future.
  • The support of the local church where there are opportunities to hear the gospel.
  • Letters from you translated into their language.
  • A unique relationship with you that brings real hope and positive change.

How child sponsorship works

Our church partners reach the children in the greatest need.

Staff who know their communities inside out identify the children most in need of your sponsorship support. Children are given help regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

We start searching for a sponsor, like you.

Once registered in the Compassion Programme, we look for one sponsor to support each child.

One Compassion sponsor starts to empower one child.

When you start sponsoring, you sponsor a child directly! Your donations will immediately begin to support your sponsored child.

By sponsoring a child, the cycle of poverty is broken!

Compassion-sponsored children are empowered to live free from poverty and bring change to their families and communities.

Sponsors exchange letters with their child.

As sponsor you'll exchange messages with your sponsored child, getting an insight into their world and the difference you're making. Your correspondence is likely to be delayed due to COVID-19, but you can still write during this season.

What can you expect when you sponsor a child?

How child sponsorship work

We'll provide you with everything you need to build a unique relationship with your sponsored child:

Personal myCompassion area to connect with your sponsored child

Within 48 hours of sponsoring, you'll have access to myCompassion where you'll be able to write your first letter as well as viewing your sponsored child's information and photo.

Beautiful welcome pack with framed photo

When you sponsor a child today, in the next 7-10 working days, you'll receive your Welcome Pack with a framed photo of your sponsored child.

Encouraging letters and drawings from your child

Receiving personal letters and drawings from your sponsored child will give you a unique insight into their culture and community. As you write back, you'll speak encouragement into your sponsored child's life.

Project updates from your child’s community

Once a year you'll receive a message from the pastor or director of the Compassion project your sponsored child attends every week. You'll learn more about the life-changing support your sponsorship is providing.

New photos of your sponsored child

Photo updates of your sponsored child will show you how they're growing and thriving. You'll also receive news about what they're learning at their project.

The opportunity to visit and meet your sponsored child

When COVID-19 restrictions allow, Compassion offers you the chance to visit your sponsored child either on a group trip or individual visit. Make treasured memories and be encouraged about the difference you're making.

Child sponsorship and me

More than 86,000 people sponsor a child through Compassion UK. Once you choose to sponsor, you too can begin to share in the joy of bringing hope to a child in need. You can join the thousands who've chosen to take a stand against child poverty.

“Compassion child sponsorship is a beautiful way of connecting us to our global neighbour and reminding us that loving the poor is at the core of the gospel.”

Andy Hawthorne, Founder and CEO of The Message Trust

“We started sponsoring Louis five years ago. Thanks to sponsorship with Compassion, he’s being kept healthy, receiving an education and enjoying just being a child. Louis is a big part of our family. We write letters, share pictures and get regular news about how he’s growing and developing. My children see that we as a family can make a difference.”

Kate, Kent

“We had the opportunity when we went out to the Dominican Republic to go to our sponsored child’s Compassion project. I remember asking the project administrator, can I see Darwin’s sponsorship file. He pulled it down from the rack and there it was – two pencils, so much, half a pound of rice, so much, two pairs of socks, so much.”

David Woods, Surrey

“We would encourage anybody to sponsor, it’s so easy to spend £28 on coffees, magazines and treats without really thinking about it. But for the same cost each month you could change a child’s life and make a real difference, not only to them but their whole family.”

 Paul and Linda Coleman, Norwich

“My husband and I sponsor two children with Compassion. Compassion is a tremendous organisation providing direct, vital services to children and their families. The impact trickles down to the communities they live in as well. I’d encourage others to sponsor a child – it’s an opportunity to give what you can and connect with someone in a special way.”

 Charlotte Maslin-Knight, Model and Compassion UK Ambassador

How to sponsor a child

Begin your child sponsorship journey today by finding a child on our website who is waiting for a sponsor. At the moment, we have the greatest number of children waiting for a sponsor in Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti, Tanzania and Kenya.

You may also be interested in following guides:

Your FAQs

Some of the questions you may have about sponsorship.

The length of time you’ll be sponsoring depends on the age of the child you choose to support and empower to break free from poverty. Most sponsors decide to support their child for the full length of our world-class programme. Young people tend to graduate from Compassion aged 18-22 depending on their personal situation and where they live.

We hope each child will have the same sponsor throughout the programme, but we understand that sometimes this just isn’t possible. Knowing sponsors’ circumstances can change, we offer a range of helpful options if your sponsorship donations become difficult to manage and we’ll ensure your child can still stay in the Compassion programme.

We’re committed to providing children with the very best care and the resources they need to break free from every aspect of poverty. It costs us £28 a month for us to do this, but if you’d like to give another amount, there are plenty of other great opportunities for you to support Compassion’s work.

For example, you can give children clean, safe water by supporting our Stability Interventions or provide babies with vital vaccinations and health care through our Child Survival Interventions.

We have 67 years of experience in empowering children to overcome poverty. Independent research shows Compassion-sponsored children stay in school longer and are more likely to grow up to be employed and leaders in their churches and communities.

You may also be interested to know that Compassion is:

Child-focused – We offer direct child sponsorship where you can make an immediate impact to the child you choose to sponsor today. Children are most vulnerable to the devastating effects of poverty. Our holistic programme gives children support in every area of their lives: their minds, bodies and relationships.

Empowering children is a highly strategic way of breaking the cycle of poverty. Real and lasting change happens when children are developed to become the adults who will create change in their community. In Compassion’s programme, children learn they are loved, they begin to develop hope for their future, and they realise that God wants to use them to help others. And these children grow up to be givers and community leaders.

Church-based – We work exclusively in partnership with local churches because they can best understand and respond to the challenges in their communities. They are known and trusted by their neighbours and are able to reach those in the greatest need.

What’s more, we believe the Church is God’s plan for a hurting world. Compassion exists to enable the Church to fulfill her mission of making disciples of all nations and caring for those in great need.

Christ-centred – Our desire to follow Jesus impacts everything we do. We’re a Christian charity offering Christian child sponsorship. We seek to follow Jesus’ example to care for the poor, but whilst Jesus’ love motivates us, we help all children and families in poverty regardless of belief and children are never coerced into becoming Christians.


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Please leave a voicemail if you'd like a call back outside of this.

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