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The situation facing millions of young girls is desperate, but not definite.

“I wanted to play with my friends, but something always retained me. I was afraid my mother would die,” says Mawulom. Mawulom was only 10 years old when his mum Ami was admitted to hospital after feeling seriously ill for two months. Her legs were swelling and growing increasingly painful. Eventually, she collapsed. Mawulom had been living in fear of losing his mum and was suffering from debilitating anxiety. He couldn’t live a normal childhood, as the fear and worry affected both his mental and physical health. Abraham, Mawulom’s social worker at his Compassion project, noticed a change in his behaviour and paid him a visit at home. Upon discovering Ami’s ill-health, he used Compassion Survival Intervention Funds to pay for emergency surgery and medication for her. They also provided food for the family to eat whilst she was in the hospital. Now Ami is home and gradually getting better. Mawulom is feeling much more positive about life. “All my fear was gone the day my mother was discharged from hospital and arrived home,” he says. “Without the help of the [Compassion] centre, my mother would have died.” Mawulom is grateful not only to his social worker and Compassion project but also to his sponsors. “May God bless my sponsors for their love and care for us. I pray that God rewards them abundantly.”

19-year-old Aphichaya is blazing a trail in her remote community in Thailand. In her village, families rely on farming to earn an income. Higher education is out of their reach financially. But when she was registered into Compassion’s programme as a young girl, she knew her life would be different. “I didn’t know what it would be like, but I knew deep inside of me that my life would be changing forever,” she remembers. With her mother cheering her on and the guidance of Compassion’s project staff, Aphichaya won a scholarship to study Communication Arts at university. “I see myself in many girls who are longing to overcome the trauma of poverty that encircles them,” she says. If she ever doubts her ability to achieve her dream, she reminds herself of the Word of God. “Matthew 7:7 says ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’”

In a small village in Tanzania, sisters Donatha and Leokadia shared a one-bedroom home with Donatha’s son Emmanuel. They sold soap and vegetables to make ends meet, but life was a struggle. Then Donatha fell ill. With only one income, life became even more difficult, so when their other sister offered for them to live with her, the ladies decided to make the arduous 10-hour bus journey to a new village. Shortly after settling in, Donatha passed away, and the family was devastated. In the small house, relationships strained, and Leokadia says, “I noticed Emmanuel always stayed in his room. My sister didn’t want us living with her anymore, but we couldn’t afford to rent a house.” But help was on its way. Emmanuel registered into the local Compassion project, and Leokadia told the staff of their troubles. Tabiri, the Project Coordinator, says, “Emmanuel’s sponsor sent him a family gift … and they decided to buy a house.” Together, this family has gone from despair to hope. Leokadia has begun a new small business selling milk, and Emmanuel is slowly regaining his smile. “God has been good to us,” smiles Leokadia.

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