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What My Sponsor Means To Me: 6 Inspirational Stories

Meet six young people and discover what their sponsor means to them.

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As a sponsor how do you see yourself? Are you someone who gives money each month, or a person investing in a child’s life? Perhaps you see yourself as a friend or pen pal to someone across the world or maybe you feel guilty for never writing.

No matter how you see yourself, it can never match how your sponsored child sees you. To your sponsored child you’re awesome because you’ve chosen to come alongside them, despite you never meeting.

To prove how incredible our sponsors are, we asked six young people what their sponsor means to them. We hope their words will encourage and inspire you today.

Someone who I count as a family member

“I always think of her as a family member because a family member would love another member when they need, and my sponsor did that for me,” eight-year-old Dewi from Indonesia.

Thanks to her sponsor, Dewi dreams of helping others in the same way her sponsor has supported her. “I want to be a doctor, so I can help people because my sponsor has helped me,” says Dewi.

“One day if I meet my sponsor, I will definitely hug her, and I think I’d be crying because I would be touched by her willingness to come and visit me. I also want to take a picture together with her.”

Dewi never forgets to pray and ask God to richly bless her sponsor, her work and family. “I pray for my sponsor because she is always helping me and my family.”

Someone who encourages me

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“My name is Solomon and I’m 21 years old. I really feel blessed to have my sponsor in my life. It is a joy.”

One of the things Solomon most appreciates about his sponsor is her letters.

“There are times where I feel like it is too much; the books [studying] are too much and since it is now 3rd year [final university year] there is a lot of pressure there. But one of the ways God has blessed me is to be encouraged through my sponsor’s letters. When I write she also understands that I struggle, and she encourages me to pursue on.”

Someone who helps me to dream big

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“I’m Melanie. To me, my sponsor gives me school supplies and Christmas gifts, which is why he is like family to me.”

Ten-year-old Melanie never met her father because he passed away when she was young. Although they’ve never met, Melanie’s sponsor is like a long-distance stepfather. Through his words of encouragement, she’s been given the hope to achieve her dream of becoming an IT professional.

Melanie is also thankful that through her sponsor she’s been introduced to church. She says, “I listen to Bible stories and I tell those stories to my friends. I bring my Bible to school and we read it together.”

Someone who is generous

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“I love my sponsor and the gifts I’ve received from them. I love my bed because I didn’t have one; I used to sleep with my parents and my brother in my parent’s bed. It was too hot, and we just had a small fan. Thank you sponsor for your love!” Six-year- old Milagro, Colombia.

Giving a child or family gift is an extra way you can bless your sponsored child and help them to meet some of their additional needs.

While there are opportunities to send additional monetary gifts, we know that child sponsorship is already an incredible gift and one that keeps giving. Deciding to sponsor a child enables them to go to school, it gives them nutritious meals and protect their health with regular medical check-ups.

Someone who brings happiness into my life

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“Anytime I write a letter for my sponsor, I feel happy to know there is someone who is willing to help and support me,” says eight-year-old Delin from Indonesia.

This is something that is felt throughout Delin’s family. “What a sponsor does for us is not only useful for my daughter but also for our family in general, says Orpha, Delin’s mum. “I know that the sponsor prays for Delin and we pray for the sponsor as well. We are grateful for the sponsor’s heart.”

“I have received a picture of my sponsor which I think is a precious gift. When I look at the picture, I always think that my sponsor is someone who is very kind and love to help others.”

Someone who is awesome

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“I love my sponsor so much because he is awesome! I am very glad to have him as my sponsor." Eight-year-old Yaquelin (second from the right).

Every year, Yaquelin’s project in Peru holds a big party to celebrate sponsors. This long-awaited event is an opportunity for all the children to unleash their creativity. They make colourful banners, flags, multicolour balloon decorations, and even present poems at a special church service.

“For us, celebrating Sponsor’s Day is a small token of our appreciation. Many times, I think about how extraordinary it is to have sponsors from so far away who feel such love and compassion for our community,” exclaims Jorge the project director.

Thank you

At Compassion we see every sponsor as a valued partner. We know we can’t bring an end to poverty alone, but together we can equip children to break free from the cycle of poverty, so they can have hopes and dreams for their future.

To all our sponsors, thank you for the incredible part you play in this – you’re awesome!

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WORDS : Emily Laramy

PHOTOS : Compassion International



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