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How to write a great Christmas card to your sponsored child

Stuck with what to write to your sponsored child? We’ve got some great tips to help you out.

how to write a great Christmas card

We’re less than three months away from Christmas and that familiar Compassion email has probably already arrived, reminding you to go online and write a Christmas card to your sponsored child.

Before the panic sets in over what to write, here are three helpful suggestions:

1. The highlight of your year

As much as you want to know about the life of your sponsored child, they are eager to find out as much as they can about yours! Now is your opportunity to share your highlight of the year and give them a glimpse of your life. What made 2017 a great year? Share it with your sponsored child!

For example: The best thing that happened to me this year was when I went to the beach with my family, it was so special. What was your favourite moment?

2. How you celebrate Christmas

Compassion Christmas party

Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world. For example, in rural Mexico some families carve radishes into nativity scene figures! Every family also has special traditions. Do you watch Christmas movies? Sing Christmas carols standing around the piano? No matter how you celebrate, your sponsored child will enjoy hearing about your plans for Christmas Day.

For example: On Christmas Day, I attend church with my family and then we spend the afternoon playing games. Our Christmas lunch is a roast chicken with potatoes and lots of other vegetables. How does your family celebrate Christmas?

3. Your prayer for the year ahead

Share a prayer you have for your sponsored child for the new year. It can be something really simple, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Your sponsored child treasures your prayers, but also the opportunity to pray for you, so let them know what they can pray for.

For example: I pray you’ll grow in your love for Jesus this year and that he’ll direct your steps. Can you please pray that I will grow in wisdom this year?

Thank you

Your message will remind your sponsored child that they are loved and cared for—and the cards often become treasured possessions, kept for many years.

Click here to write and send your Christmas card now so we can ensure your card is translated and delivered in time for Christmas.

If you’d prefer to send your own card, please make sure we receive it by Monday 6 November, and don’t forget to write your child’s reference number and your Compassion reference on the back.

We’d also love to bless every Compassion-supported child with a gift, a delicious meal and time with their friends and family at a Christmas party where they’ll also hear about the birth of a Saviour who knows every child by name and loves them. You can join us and make this Christmas one to remember for a child in poverty by donating to our Christmas Appeal.

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A version of this blog was originally published by our friends at Compassion Australia

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