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12 Heartfelt Thank You Messages from Around the World

We’ve been overwhelmed by your generous response to our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal.

Coronavirus thank you

As the Coronavirus pandemic started to spread around the globe, devastating lives and communities where Compassion works, we asked for vital donations to provide a safety net for children in our care.

We stepped out in faith and asked for help. Then we saw God move powerfully through His people.

For the past few months, we have been overwhelmed by the generous response to our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal. The donations have meant we have been able to provide life changing care at a critical time. It has meant children were continued to be fed and families were kept safe during this pandemic.

During this difficult and uncertain time, donations from our sponsors were a lifeline to the most vulnerable around the world. And we have never been more grateful. None more than our project partners working hard to support our Compassion sponsored children, families and wider community.

Thank you messages from Africa

“We can’t be thankful enough. Your donations and heartfelt giving have been the driving force to keep these children going and alive. Some of your families are affected in a way, but still you have the heart to give. God bless you. We are grateful.” – David Owusu Mensah, Compassion Partnership Facilitator, Ghana

Nabonswende children say thank you

“I am happy and thankful to the project and Compassion for what they have done for my family...May God bless all the supporters for their care and love.” – Nabonswende, father of Compassion-sponsored children (pictured above), Burkina Faso

“We deeply appreciate [people’s] love to us during such a difficult season. I get emotional when I get to that, but we are really grateful…We love [our sponsors], we are praying for them, we are asking that the Lord will carry them through and bless them for their generosity.” – Stellah Situma, Manager of Partnerships, Uganda

“I thank you so much for [your support]. I cannot tell how much it has provided relief for our people. They have really seen the existence and the love of God.” – Jovia Kamatenesi, Compassion Rwanda

Thank you messages from South America

“Volunteers are working night and day for their communities; it’s just beautiful to see the body of Christ working together. Not only local churches but us as a team – you in the UK, you as a sponsor, and us in the field how we are rising together to support the children and attend the needs that our children are facing - so, thank you.” - Juan Espana, Compassion Guatemala

“[Thank you] to our sponsors, they take care of us. I hope they take care of themselves. I hope they wash their hands and use a facemask so they don't get infected, and I hope someday I can meet them.” — Ester, 14 years old, Guatemala

thank you from Latin America

“Thank you so much for your generosity during this time of uncertainty where we all need help and are trying to help others…this is an action with a lot of compassion. Thank you so very much for what you’re doing, this will have impact beyond what you can think or imagine in God’s Kingdom.” – Abbel Joseph and Junior Doccy, Compassion Haiti

“If I could give one message to all those who support Compassion's ministry, it would be this: Many of us who are on the frontline against this pandemic today are the result of your sponsorship through Compassion.” – Dr Jose Montero, Compassion Graduate, Dominican Republic

“We are not alone and appreciate Compassion’s support for our children during this emergency. I can see how generosity and provision is reaching our children’s homes when the country is in lockdown. Thank you sponsors and donors for your support. We keep you in our prayers.” – Jorge Pinto, Compassion church partner, Honduras

Thank you messages from Asia

Thank you from Alvin Philippines

“I do not need to beg because I know God will [provide] through the church and my sponsor… Thank you to my sponsor and my big brothers and big sisters [the staff] in the student centre for your continuous care for us even though we can’t go there for now. God bless you.” – Alvin, 14 years old, Philippines

“Without the project, I wouldn't have the opportunity to go to school, I wouldn’t have support for nutrition and the encouragement that keeps me joyful. And I want to pray and encourage sponsors and their children that we all will get through this crisis together. May God strengthen your wisdom and that you’ll be encouraged. May God bless you.” – Mamaway, 10 years old, Thailand

“When [families] are jobless, they still have Compassion. They still have you as a sponsor, who are so kind for spending your money to help our children here. It means everything for the family here. So, thank you so much. All we can do is pray for all of you.” – Rusdy Andaria, Compassion Partnership Facilitator, Indonesia.

For so many around the world, our supporters have provided a vital means of survival. Their generosity has fed children and their families when they were hungry. They have kept people in homes and have provided much needed protection from COVID-19.

We cannot say thank you enough.

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WORDS : Agnes Wilson

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